.PMC. headstamp

I sorted my PMC brass and returned it to the original boxes stating made in R.O.Korea, R.S.A., Mexico, and the USA.
P.M.C. = South Africa (9mm Luger and 40 S&W)
-PMC- = Mexico (380 Auto, 9MM Luger, 45 ACP)
PMC with nickel-plated primer/red primer sealant = Republic of Korea
(380 Auto, 9mm Luger, 45 ACP, 44 S&W Special, 44 Rem Magnum)
PMC with not-nickel-plated PMC/Wolf/Prvi Privat primers = made in USA (9mm Luger, 40 S&W, 45 ACP)
But I also have 357 SIG, 40 S&W, and 45 Colt cases headstamped “.PMC.” but no boxes. When I asked the El Dorado tech where and when the 45 Colt cases were made, he replied that they stopped making them about 3 years ago (end of 2005/early 2006) and that they were “loaded in the USA.” That really didn’t answer my question. Who made the .PMC. headstamped cases? And while I’m on the subject: what about the PMC-headstamped cases, which look like the ROK and USA cases, with nickel-plated primers and no sealant?

Here is what I have, all verified by box labels, and they don’t completely correspond to what you have written. Firstly, I don’t think primer material or seal is significant. For example, PMC South Korea has made 9mm rounds with both brass and nickel primer cups, and in both cases, with and without a red primer seal.

P M C 9mm LUGER - South Korea. “M” like an upside-down “W” and upper-case letters in “MM” with P M C space apart.

PMC 9mm LUGER - South Africa. Smaller letters in “PMC” with no space between them and a straight-sided “M”. For some reason, on mine, when view straight on, the “C” gives the illusion of being smaller than the “PM” but I don’t think it really is. Lower-case letters in “mm”

  • P M C- 9MM - Mexico. Straight-sided “M” with a space between the letters of “P M C” and upper-case letters in “MM” but no word “LUGER” at all.

P M C 9MM - Philippines. Smaller letters than Mexican headstamp and no dashes before or after “PMC”. Straight-sided “M” in “P M C”. Upper-case “MM” and no word “LUGER”

P M C 9MM LUGER - United States. “P M C” looks like South Koren, with “M” looking like an upside down “W”. However, upper case letters in “MM” caliber marking.

P.M.C. 9MM - Italy. Very Small letters. Straight-sided “M” in “P,M.C.” with those letters close together despit having a period after each letter. Upperr-case “MM” in caliber marking and no word “LUGER” at all.

I have the Italian one only in a fired empty case, and with a box with no insert. I have not seen a loaded round, and need one if anyone has one.

In summary, on 9mm Luger, only the South African headstamp has lower-cased m/m. Sorry for my initial errors.

I have the .P M C. headstamp in the .357 SIG but, unfortunately, not in .45 AUTO. The box for the SIG round shows no country of origin other than the El Dorado address in Nevada, which should indicate it is US-made. However, I don’t know what compnay made the cases. It is possible that El Dorado did - they had the capability to make their own brass, but not in the quantities needed.

I hope this is of some help.

“P.M.C.” is Italian! That’s annoying. Now I have a perfectly good “Made in R.S.A.” box without cases and a nearly full tray of “P.M.C.” 9MM cases with no box. I compared both the P.M.C. 9MM (mine have capital M’s) and 40 S&W with the three different types of G.F.L./FIOCCHI USA cases I have, and noted the similarities of the numbers 9, 4, and 0, and the letters S and W (shape, height-to-width-ratio, spacing) of one type of G.F.L. 9mm and 40 S&W headstamps. I apparently do have a single South African-made PMC case (Ultramax remanufactured) which I compared with my PMP and DNL cases. Yes, the final C does look smaller than the P and M and the 9 is the same shape/height-to-width-ratio as the PMP cases. In both the G.F.L./P.M.C. and PMP/PMC comparisons, despite their similarities, the height of the characters are different. I rechecked my “Made in R.O.Korea” boxes and all the associated cases, no matter the caliber (add 38 Special), have nickel-plated primers with red sealant; and all the 9MM have the capital M’s.

d’Artagnan - the first lot of PMC 9mm that came in the country had brass primers and a red seal. The latest Korean lot that I bought for the box and the variation (I shoot the rest in my Browning GP Mk II) has a nickel primer and no seal. You cannot tell nationality just from the read seal or its absence. However, the MM is a good indicator.

Does anybody else out there have an CONFIRMED input regarding especially the

John, Your info on the PMC headstamps on 9mm is a great help.Does the same info pertain to 380 & 45 Auto also?

I would say that it basically applies to any pistol caliber that they have made. I have no idea on rifle calibers. I used the 9mm Para for a basic platform as it has the most variations in headstamps by PMC. Unfortunately, with the volume produced, I have not been able to keep up with the commercial ammunition for several years, or more. I used to collect any given headstamp by every pistol caliber it appeared on, and every single loading, to include case finishes and primer cup material, as well as the presence of lack of seal. I always felt that since I cannot travel much, and therefore will never have a really top foreign collection, that I could at least approach a “complete” U.S. collection. My U.S. Collection is good by most standards, but the “complete” idea is an impossible dream. Even if one had the monetary resources to simply buy a box of everything that appeared on the market, simply finding it would require a nationwide staff of hundreds working towards that end. Headstamps, especially recently, have come and gon before collectors even became aware of them. That is especially true since the last election, with the huge run on ammunition in America. I have all but given up trying, picking up what falls into my hands and resolving myself to the fact that a collection of U.S. commercial, military and police ammunition that even comes anywhere near complete is an utter impossibility.

Thanks,John I really appreciate your input. Ray Hayes

Like D’Artagnan, my P.M.C. 9MM has capital Ms, not lower case. These are in a box marked made in USA and loaded with Longbow bullets, but no indication where the cases were made.

(John-one is in your box. Please confirm whether your case is “9MM” or “9mm”!!!)

John, you list P M C 9MM LUGER (your 5th headstamp on the list) as US. I have a box marked “Manufactured by PMC, Republic of Korea, Distributed by PMC, Patton and Morgan Corp…”

Also in a box marked Made in R.O. Korea also marked PMC Vernon, CA

There are others that do not say RO Korea but simply say imported and distributed by… with this headstamp.

The PMC 9mm LUGER with lower case “mm” is a new headstamp to me. WOW!!! Never too old to learn something new.

There is also the NUPE case headstamped PMC * 9MM LUGER that I believe was from Korea, but I don’t have the box.

Good Thread…



I am not sure what rounds you are referring to. See my thread again. I did make two errors on it (Made in USA round and Italian headstamp). Both have upper case “MM”. Only the one made in South Africa has lower case “mm”. I have edited the answer and it should be correct now.

All of the rounds listed are confirmed by box label to say “Made in” the respective countries, except the Italian one, which I deduced from having a box “Made in Italy” and from the style of the headstamp letters and numbers.

Regarding the American one, the headstamp is essentially identical to the ROK headstamp. However, since the box says “Made in U.S.A.”, not distributed, packed, assembled, loaded, etc., and I do not know the Federal parameters for this marking (that is, when they can say made in U.S.A. regarding product with some foreign components) I simply have to take the factory at their printed label, especially since the Eldorado Cartridtridge Corporation had the facilities to make brass cartridge cases. It could be that the cases are made in ROK and loaded in LV by Eldorado. That might explain the . PMC . headstamp on .357 SIG as I think that Don Shapiro, who worked for them, told me they were made there. I don’t remember and can’t find any note on it.

I am sorry for the confusion that my errors made. Unfortunately, and something I am not kidding about or taking lightly, years of spending way too much time staring into this screen, and advancing age, are taking a terrible toll on my eyesight. Once near sight, but easily corrected to 20-20 with glassses, my eyes are now beyond correction to 20-20, and I am far-sighted to boot. I cannot even read a restaurant menu without glasses. In fact, I really need a strong magnifying glass to read anything up close. That coupled with trying to fit these Forum answers into my “spare” time while not working on my book, I tend to rush too much. No excuse for the errors, simply fact. Sorry.

I hope I have answer your question. Regarding the Italian case, I now recall I did not get it with the box. In fact, it is a reload, which I consider the same as a fired case, although I didn’t bother to take the time to disassemble it. My box was found at the range.



Just in case anyone printed this out when it first came on, please be advised of errors I made, which have now been edited in my initial answer to be correct. Sorry about that.