PMC headstamped THV load

I was just digging through my PMC loads and decided to post the THV load below. I picked it up in 2002. The bullet shape is different from any of my other THV type loads. The overall weight is 114gr. The green pa seems strange for a PMC load.

Just because it has a PMC headstamp doesn’t mean it was loaded by PMC.

Does anybody have a theory on this load? Has this style bullet turned up in other calibers???

One of my South African Tokarev THVs has a similar rounded profile.

Lew - I am inclined to agree with Jon. The bullet shape is almost identical to that of the well-known THV knock-offs in 7.62 x 25m/m Tokarev done in South Africa. In the case of the 7.62 caliber, they loaded them into broken- down Chinese ammunition - case and primer. I think they probably used any brass available, and I am sure that PMC brass of 9m?m Luger caliber was found in RSA.

Lew, this image of the RSA Tokarevs may help:

Thanks for the info. You are exactly correct. I just received some THV that originated in South Africa, and in the group was another PMC THV like the one pictured, but with a red pa! The others were all PMP headstamped rounds. Any idea who in South Africa made the 7.62 Ts with the similar bullet?

I concur that it is a South African bullet loaded in to a PMC case. Ramrod manufacturing made these in several different calibers & weights for the reloading market. Almost all the different calibers have both “sharp shoulders” (as shown in the Tok pictures) and “rounded shoulders” as shown in Lew’s 9mmP picture. I covered this in my article called the MONAD STORY which was in the ECRA journal but I don’t think it was printed in the IAA journal. If any one is interested in a copy, email me & I will forward it to you.


Will, Thanks!!! I’ll dig out the copy of the ECRA Journal and get the details. I remember the article, but probably just skimmed it—and my gray matter is getting soft and soggy.