PMC Ultramag cartridges

The attached photos are of the commercially imported (now discontinued) PMC Ultramag, with 66gr and 110gr tubular copper bullets in .38 Special and .44 Special, respectively. Case stamp for each is “38 SPL +P PMC” and “44 S&W SPL PMC” The bullet design is basically from Flatau. The visually similar GEA tubular bullet has been detailed elsewhere.

I used a ‘kinetic’ bullet puller to pull the projectiles for photos. Interestingly, attempts to pull the plastic obturator from the case resulted in a broken bullet puller. I did break an ASP once, so this surprised but did not shock me. The obturators are in place in the photos. If I ever manage to get them out (probably by destroying the case) I’ll photograph them.

The .44 Special Ultramag has been a ‘white whale’ cartridge for me for a long while now. The .38 Special version seems to be much more common; I was able to find a full box at a gunstore around 1999. The full box of .44 Special UM was the first I’ve seen for sale. Hopefully the photos prove to be of use.

Congrats on your find!

What color are the plastic/nylon obviators in these load???

How deep is the HP on the 38 Special loads (from HP mouth to the obviator??



The obturators are white in color. If you look in the lower LH corner of the first 2 photos, the case from which I pulled the bullets are shown. You can see the plastic inside the case mouth. They are probably pushed more forward than originally since I did attempt to dislodge them with my now-deceased bullet puller.

The bullets have an axial hole through their center; same diameter at the ‘mouth’ as at the ‘rear’, so it’s a true tubular projectile as opposed to a hollowpoint. I’ll some more pics to the thread after the weekend.

Mwinter, Thanks, I should have noticed that the obviators were visable in the photos. The unheadstamped round I have in 9x19 (photo in GEA thread at … 3&start=15) has what appears to be analmost identical obviator when I shine a light down the bullet. The your obviators appear to have a thin area which are slightly darker where the plastic must be thinner. Mine has a much smaller dark circle in the center and it also has circular machine marks where either the obviator was machined, or more likely the tool used to make it had machine marks on the face. Your obviators don’t appear to have machine marks from the photos, but it may only be the photos. I couldn’t see mine until I used a magnifier.

My 9x19 round has an overall weight of 124gr. A normal brass case load with a 124gr bullet usually weighs about 190gr + or - 2gr. This gives an estimated bullet weight of 66 gr which matches that of the 38 Special rounds you have. The 38 Special bullets look like they have a smaller bore diameter, but it is hard to judge with just the photos. The bore diameter on my 9x19 is 5.8mm. What is the bore diameter on your 30 Special Ultramsx bullets???

Thanks for the info!


If you wish to pull the projectile and obturator from a PMC Ultramag round, add some weight to the plastic by driving a screw into it. It will come right out without breaking your kinetic puller. Yeah I realize the obturator wont be in pristine condition, but something had to give in order to ship overseas.

The other option would be the method I used on those plastic cored East German 7.62x39’s. It takes two rounds to make one good inert round. I used a pair of vice grips and a reloading press to pull (Mangle) the projectile to get a good case, and I drill the other round and peel the case away from the projectile with a pair of dikes. It was a little work but I still have a couple thousand rounds of this stuff in my shooting ammo locker.

I retrieved an obturator from each caliber by cutting away the case itself. I’ll photograph the obturators and bullets together in a few days and post the pics here.

Attached are 2 pictures that show the plastic obturator discs that are seated at the base of each bullet…apologies for the delays.