Pobjeda-Technology MAXX-Tech ammo


Dear Gentlemen,

On their webpage Pobeda Gorazde is showing a growing line of MAXX-Tech brand handgun ammunition. The 9 mm, .40 S&W, .380 Auto calibers are already available.


Did anyone see any of the other calibers (.32 Auto, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .45 Auto, 9 mm Makarov, 9x21) for sale anywhere, or they are offered for wholesale customers?




Radom, thanks for pointing out the news!

Let’s see what they will come up with at the next IWA show.


Only the .380, 9mm, and .40 are available for sale in the U.S., with the 9mm & .380 having “Pobjeda” headstamps, and the .40S&W having a “maxxtech” headstamp. The 9mm has been marketed as both “Pobjeda Technology” and “Maxxtech”, while the .380 and .40 has only been marketed as Maxxtech


Just for the record.
I can confirm now that there are also 9x19 steel cases (zinc plated) with “MAXXTech” headstamp.


I have never seen an image of this headstamp. Is there an image floating around there somewhere?

Has any of this showed up in the US yet? If so, where?



Lew - I have not seen the 9 mm, but it is possible they are in the US now,
because I have the MAXXTECH headstamp on brass-case .40 S&W, and got
them not too long ago.
John Moss


9 mm Maxxtech brass case with MAXXTECH headstamp for sale here:

9 mm Maxxtech steel case with MAXXTECH headstamp for sale here:


That Maxxtech headstamp is something that I thought had been around, but maybe is newer than I think. There was also at least one of those cases in the recent lot of 1000 9mm brass I went through where I also found that new Pobjeda headstamp.


Found in a new, just ordered case of 1000rds of Maxxtech 9mm direct from Ellett Bros, this headstamp which is a tiny bit different - mostly in the “e” and “c” which are larger, and in the “9” where it does not curl around to touch itself as the one above does:



In sorting out some loose ammo today I noticed that there were two varieties of .45acp Maxxtech headstamps. The one on the left below has more spaced out lettering than the one on the right. The “e” and “c” on the left are also smaller.