POF 91 7.62x51 blank from Pakistan


Just found this and thought it was cute. Maybe common to the NATO Guys but here it is anyway.




The box is almost identical in design and label to a British .303 box from the 1950s.


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The L10A2 was the second blank issued in the UK for use with the L1A1 SLR (FN FAL). The first blank was made by FN and issued in cartons marked L10A1. the headstamp was standard FN, the tip of the crimp was sealed with red paint. The L10A2 was initially issued with a red lacquer seal but this was thought to be too close to tracer markings. Some L10A2’s were sealed with a clear lacquer and finally green was settled upon. Both the A1 and A2 cartridges used brass cases which were made to the same design as ball rounds but with a longer neck. These cases were unnecessarily strong and heavy for use as blanks so a new, thinner, case was developed and became the L11A1 and then the L13. I lost count about then.