POF Pakistani Tokarev Ammo!

POF has now begun to sell its 7.62 Tokarev/.30 Bore ammunition. The end of this attached thread has some pics of the box and cartridges:

Now, how to get some examples for the collection!

When I click the link it says you need to log in to view the thread.

Sorry about that, but I think we can only post links to other sites, not reproduce their postings.

Jonny, very interesting, thanks for sharing. I’ve also seen two new boxes labeled “Desert Eagle Ammunition Factory” (DAF) and “Glock Ammunition Factory”. Like those found in SKF/Federal boxes, some of the cartridges are also made from 5.56x45 blank cases with a visible knurl.

The link requires a registration on that forum in order to view the content.

EOD, that’s what I was trying to say. I didn’t word my post very clearly.