Police target loads - projectile coatings


I picked up quite a few different loads over the last day or two, some of which are police training/target loads from Victoria, Australia.
They have all been loaded in house with outside sourced projectiles and recycled Winchester cases in brass and nickel. The earlier versions (maybe 90s era) have standard cast projectiles. The next step is a black coating not unlike on Winchesters Failsafe projectiles. In more recent years there are some slightly ‘irridescent’ blue coated ones and most recently an ‘irridescent gold’ coating. The coating is there (I assume) to reduce lead exposure during handling of ammo and firing.

I am reasonably sure these are Australian made cast projectiles but not sure which coatings are from which company or maybe the same company. Some of the possibilities I have come up with are Westcastings, Hawkesbury River Bullets and Top Score cast bullets but haven’t found and examples or pics good enough to ID them by.
Anyone have any examples of the different brands to compare? DocAV maybe?


I have no idea where Victoria Police get their bullets, but these bright and varied colors are reminiscent of the Slovak bullets made by ARES and covered on an earlier thread here. Might be a lead to pursue.

John Moss


Alpinehunter, I think these bullets may be made in Australia or at least marketted there as:


The best contact I can find is:
Westcastings Factory Location
Phone +618 93566960
Fax +618 93566961
Email westcastingsaust@iinet.net.au

Check http://www.rpgfirearms.com.au/WESTCASTINGS.htm. I think these are ARES bullets, or at least they sure look like the bullets ARES is loading. I would not be surprised to find out that West Castings actually makes the bullets for ARES. It would be very interesting is someone in Slovakia and/or Australia could make a few calls and find out it these are the same bullets, or if two people are making similar bullets or if one is buying bullets from the other.

Off to the Czech Meeting in a couple of hours and then on to the ECRA meeting next week in Switzerland. Both are always good meetings and worth the effort. Lots of nice people at both.




The coloured bullets look more like swaged than cast but no different for that.
The coating on pistol bullets is to provide an anti friction or sacrifice layer to prevent lead coming into contact with the bore during firing and causing lead fouling. Many things have been tried nylon (Nyclad) and lots of graphite based concoctions. I’ve never seen any as pretty as those. We had teflon coated bullets under the name Silvalube for many years.

Those look like a variation on the Nyclad theme.


Some links and pics

Westcasting http://westcastings.com/default.aspx

Hawkesbury River Bullet Company. A pic of projectiles on the front page.

Top score http://topscore.com.au/

The black and gold versions from Top Score look like the ones I have, I guess the blue ones may have come from there too but the site is under construction so there are no pics. Also a red version too.


“Our cast bullets are like no other cast bullets,” says Westcastings.

Why do I think they may have seen ARES, Slovakia, website at one time or another. The bullets, even down to shapes, look like a bit of a rip-off ARES product. Some of Top Scores look the same, by finish anyway. I could be wrong of course, but ARES has been around quite awhile now, and these two firms don’t even have their websites completed yet.

Nothing says means they don’t make good bullets. All three of the websites show products that look in pictures, anyway, like quality stuff, and they probably are were the Police are getting their bullets, or else where the company loading the rounds for the Police are getting them.

John Moss



I dont think that similar shape cast target projectiles and coloured coatings make one a rip off of the other. There are some traditional target projectile shapes that are made by most companies supplying this part of the market, it would be very hard to develop your own unique design that would also be accepted by target shooters. There are also all sorts of projectile coatings these days and you would struggle to find a major manufacturer that doesnt at least have some sort of proprietary coating for their products. They are all just following (or creating) trends within the firearms industry and adding a bit of marketing by creating coloured versions. These coatings are just jumping on the ‘reduced lead’ trend (which in reality is probably one that has some merit unlike some other firearms ‘fads’!)


The reason cast bullets look the same from different manufacturers the world over is because they all buy their casting machines and molds from Magma Engineering. There are other makes but Magma has grown to dominate. The molds I believe originate from H&G and are modified.


Not that far from Ray, how about a factory visit and a report?


Much closer to Phil, or Pete, but if I ever have occasion to be in the vicinity I will certainly stop in. If they’ll have me.