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Last week I found a few items I normally not collect.

Perhaps I am wrong but it seems to be that they put an empty case is in some kind of mall, and hot plastic is pressed in the empty case. Result this rounds.

The round was also available in 7,62 x 54R



Dutch–Interesting dummy round. I had not seen it before. I realize that fired cases are most likely being used and any headstamp can occur, but for the record, what headstamps have you seen. Your pictures have what appear to be , but hard to read for sure, 21 75, 21 76 and 21 04.

Do you think these are Factory 21 made or some other company?


Ron, the 7,62 x 54R have all 21 77 and the 7,62 x 39 have all a 21 76 head stamp.



I have one of these in 5.45x39 headstamped “21 89”


Mine were all made from fresh cases, no traces they ever spent a moment in a chamber.


Dutch-You say they are all 21 76, but the 3rd image with the 2 headstamps show what looks like a 75 and clearly a 04, so I am confused.


These are regular Polish drill rounds which exist in all service calibers up to 12.7x108. The 12.7mm were made of fired Russian cases.


It is an upside down “78”.



I bought 4 of the 7,62x54R in Kassel for my Mosin-Nagant shooting buddies and 3 are 21 76 and 1 is 21 77.


EOD–Yes, I can now see that it is “87” not “04”. Thank you. So, back to my question of what years have been seen of this style dummy in 7.62x39?


to be precise, it is an 8 and a 7, however upside down.
I have 7,62x39 drill, all not this style:

  • copper washed & fluted case, struck brass primer: 56 and 57
  • lacquered steel fluted case, struck brass primer: 58 through 64, also a 65 said to exist but I did not see
  • lacquered steel fluted case, white plastic bullet & primer: 76, 77, 78, 90, also a 75 said to exist but I did not see


This style of dummy also exists in 14,5x114


This style of dummy also exists in 14,5x114 [/quote]

Hmm, I have that one also, I am getting old it seems…