Polish .22 box by factory #135


Is anybody able to ID this Plish manufacturer of a .22 box?
What were the contained headstamps?


Image from the internet.


Really noone?




Yes! :)

And who made it?


Maybe this:
Wytwórnia Chemiczna Nr 3, Krupski Młyn, 1945?-1970
Zakłady Chemiczne „Nitron-Erg”, Krupski Młyn, 1970-1972
Zakłady Tworzyw Sztucznych „Nitron-Erg”, Krupski Młyn, 1972 - ???


That is interesting now!!!

The “Nitron” seems to be applied later and the factory code (135???) was covered with green paint before!

Do you own this box?


No, is from www