Polish 30mm

I was looking at an advertisement flyer of the Polish trade entity “Cenzin”.

They are marketing several well known Polish arms/ammo products and amongst all of them there were these two cartridges.
One so far (by me) unknown 30mm and a 40x53SR (as per the high/low pressure system).

Both seem to be of the same design and as for the 40mm there is only one manufacturer in Poland (Dezamet) which’s designs are different.
The projectiles here seem to have plastic bodies with shrapnel inlays. The case of the 40mm appears to be a composite design and also could have plastic side walls.

The 30mm is entirely new to me (let alone the weapon).

Anybody out there with details on the possible manufacturer (if there is one at all)?
The fact that both rounds are only digitally rendered images allow for the suspicion that these are not neccessarily existing in reality.

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