Polish 7,62 UNN Cartridge

Can anyone identify the meaning of the last initial of the Polish cartridge designated “7,62 UNN” (Uniwersalny Nabój N…)?

Fede, isn’t it UNM?


Hans, no, this one is clearly identified as “UNN”.

From is this abbreviation (source)?

From wooden box made by Mesko in 1971.

like this? :)

Do you know the meaning of the second “N”?

This abbreviation not exist in official instruction (if I know)

This is probably name before unification proppellant ctgs for launcher used 7,62x39mm.

C.1974 was introduced one unificated propellant ctg UNM - Uniwersalny Nabój Miotający / Uniwersal Propellant Cartridges.

But before was used a few type propellant ctg

For training simulation artillery was used CGN
For 7,62 mm kbkg wz.60 was used NGN wz.1943/60

That is UNN abbrevation is Uniwersalny Nabój Nasadkowy? (in my theory)

from:article Leszek Erenfeicht

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Thanks for the help.