Polish 7,62x39 - Types

With a little time, I looked through 7,62x39 Polish production - 21 and 343. There’s 30 types. (I have a)

In the pictures from left to right - No. 1 … etc


Description, 1-30
1- Steel case , lac, ball BZ -AP-INC, top bl-red
2. Steel case, lac , " T-45 , Tracer, top green
3, Steel case, lac, " Z - INC, top red
4. Steel case, lac, " UNM ( to mid-70s marked as NGN ) Propellant the grenades. Crimp the star, 6 folds, top white
5. Steel case, lac , " , another version
6. Steel case, lac, " "
7. Steel case, lac , Training
8. Steel case, lac, " , another type
9. Steel case,copper plated, Training
10. Steel case, lac, Training , White plactic ball and inside
11. Steel case, lac , " Milk plastic ball and inside
12. Steel case, lac , " , double crimp
13. Steel case, lac , " , 1958 year
14, Steel case, lac, Blank, Crimp the star, 6 folds
15. Brass case , Blank, crimp the star 8 folds
16. Steel case, lac. , Blank, First version, 1958 rok, on the mouth case crimped steel , copper plated, sleeve, crimp the star 6 folds
17. All steel, galvanized, Tool cartridge propably, inside spring. 1958, Extremely rare. Dug out on old trash in MESKO Factory
18. Steel case, lac, Ball steel, flat, Test? I do not have any data
19. Steel case, lac Ball Copper, flat " "
20. Steel case, lac, Test, high preasure, for testing barrels.Special ball, longer, lead inside.
21. Steel case, lac , Test, High preasure, special ball
22. Steel case, la, Test, " " , another version, longer ball.
23. Steel case, copper plated , Combat, pointed bullet PS , First year of production ( 1956 )
24. Brass case , Civilian , Ball soft top,
25. Steel case, lac , Combat, pointed bullet PS ( standard ball )
26. Steel case, lac " " , tropic
27. Steel case, lac , Combat , ball ZPS ( modernized standard ball ) , Tracer, next generation T-46
28. Steel case, lac , " " " " , tropic
29. Steel case, lac , Test, improved, ball PS , top black.
30. Steel case , phosphated, . I have only case :-)

If you need to make better photos please write :-)



The HPT with the impressed dashes and the 2 types with the cylindrical pros, are great!!!
I never saw those before!
The phosphated case is also great!

:-) Thanks Alex

And so I still have a few types of missing … :-(

I Corrected position of .29. Top black not green.

I guess we all have to accept that none of us will ever have a complete research on a subject.
This makes a forum like this one great, here we all can figure what existed and what is known to the community.

Exactly, why I’m here and happy to share what I have and I know.

Well, thanks a lot! Now I think I know what I have in hands with your number 1. Same bulletcolours, steel case but a bxn headstamp. Same stuff?

NO, bxn is a headstamp Sellier & Bellot , Vlasim , Czech Republik.

Other make but same load.

I notice that there is a civilian hunting load with a soft-point projectile.

Does Polish gun law allow civilian ownership of AK type weapons?

Falcon, you also may consider exported material as Mesko is not limited to the domestic market.

Of course that is also a possibility. There are some conventional bolt-action hunting rifles chambered in 7.62 x 39. Sako and Zastava to name a few makers.


Between 80-90 Polish produced hunting rifles based on the AK47 Here’s his description:

Semiautomatic hunting rifle Radom-Hunter (pl. Hunter) is a Polish semi-automatic rifle designed on the basis AKM rifle by a team led by MSc. Andrew Jęczmyk.

The main difference compared to the AKM rifle was the redesign of the rifle to fire a single shot only. Radom Hunter had also extended by 93 mm (to 508 mm) barrel compared to the AKM (415 mm) and a flask with an integrated pistol grip with laminated hardwood. Standard magazines housed five cartridges, however, is the opportunity to join the military magazines arc with a capacity of 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 cartridges or drum magazines with a capacity of 75 or 100 rounds. Radom Hunter rifle as a weapon civilian was without hitch mount and the barrel does not have the thread enables assembly recoil compensator for shooting continuous fire.

The weapon was advertised as:

semiautomatic hunting rifle
rifle shooting training level higher than basic
rifle for sport shooting

The manufacturer offered an optional optical viewfinder assembly Nokta 2.5-9x56 or otherwise provided by the customer.

Rifle Radom Hunter had a number of drawbacks that made it rather target shooting sports rifle than a shotgun:

the AKM-ie inherited uncomfortable and noisy (płoszący animals) fuse
the use of semi-automatic firearm is considered by many hunters for unethical [1], it too great a practical rate reduces the chances animals to escape.
intermediate cartridge 7.62 × 39, which shoots Radom Hunter has a very low energy discharge that could be used for hunting large animals, and on the other hand, its ballistic properties (large drop) makes it not suitable for hunting small animals.

Production Radom Hunter was completed probably around 2000, after Metal Works Radom S.A sold a production line for AKM rifles. Currently counterpart Hunter offer FB Archer is based on kbs wz. 96 Beryl Beryl rifle-shooting sport hunting ammunition .223 Rem [2] and has a top Picatinny rail (compatible with standard NATO).

340K model - with a barrel length of 415 mm
Model 340 - with a barrel length of 508 mm
Model 341 - with a barrel length of 508 mm and the basis used for mounting the optical sight
model 341D - with a barrel length of 508 mm, the basis used for mounting the optical sight, and prolonged bed bottom

As mentioned above, currently it produced Beryl-Sport, a link to the FB RADOM :

At a time when manufactured Hunters, also manufactured ammunition for it.
It disputes the secondary market for this weapon is eagerly bought by collectors.
Currently Mesko does not produce ammunition hunting caliber 7,62x39. Only the military.
Stalowy = steel core
Smugowy = tracer
OR = limited ricochets
Ślepy = blank.

Polish gun-low It lets have a semiautomatic weapon only in civilian hands. :-(


Thanks for the detailed reply.

I believe most European countries allow semi-automatic rifles to be owned by civilians for hunting or target shooting. However, I am from the United Kingdom. UK Gun law only allows semi-automatic rifles in .22 Rimfire.

Panic against terrorism screwed by the European Union brings just such a bill. They can not understand that the more guns in private hands, people are safer. In Poland, 100 people falls … 1.3 pc weapons. We are the most disarmed nation of Europe, and I do not know if not the world … catastrophe … :-(

Rufus great pics!
Thanks a lot!(I just now saw this topic). Can you share any information about manufacturer with code 343? Municion.org says that it is “Pilmet”.But I didnt find any info about producing of ammunition on this factory.

Hi Mechanik

Full name …

343 in oval = Wydzial Produkcji Specjalnej Fabryki Maszyn Rolniczych “Pilmet” Wrocław - Pilczyce .
Engl. Transl. = Department of Special Production, Factory of Agricultural Machinery “Pilmet” Wroclaw - Pilczyce

Unfortunately, there is no documentation on these plants. :-( Secret production (soviet occupation)

They produced ; 7,62x25, 7,62x54R, 7,62x39 ,12,7x108,


Rufus, thanks a lot for the information!
Let me ask you one more question.Do you have in your collection the top of the early metal box for 460 ctgs in chargers.(starego typu prostokątna, z blachy ocynkowanej, lutowane wieko)? Or just photo of markings on that box?Unfortunately i ve find no information about it.
Best regards, Mechanik

Hi Mechanik

Unfortunately no :-( I have 1 pcs. of new type box.




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The reference is about the cartridges 7.62X54R, and the “sniper cartridge” can not be a PS.
Sincerely .

I know, I meant the meaning of most symbols.