Polish 7.92mm charger marking

Chargers with this marking can be found in Polish 15-rnd 7.92mm boxes loaded with Polish cartridges. I have a couple of questions about them:

  1. Should the monogram be read as WC or CW?
  2. Who or what do the initials represent?


I cannot confirm it in any way, but it is possible that your clip was made by Fabryka Wyrob

JJE & John

Thanks for the input. So I’m going to call it WC utill or unless I find out different.

Here’s a picture of another WC marked clip with the box it came in (from Dutch).




I’m sorry, I don’t know what caliber cases were made. The referenced material is in French, which I do not read well. Any ability I have to read any French is based completely upon an ability to read Some Italian and Spanish, and English I suppose, and the similarities one finds among the four languages.

If Philippe Regenstreif is reading this, well then mon ami, can you answer this for the other John?

Hi everybody!

From what I have at hands, there is a 95% positive probability for the Czajkowski . This facility was privately -owned, in Warsaw, before WWII. THe manufactured military accessories and parts for state-owned P.W.U. and W.A. N

Sorry, I forgot the exact name of the society:

which can be translated by

Waclaw CZAJKOWSKI and Co., manufacture of metallic artifacts, Warsaw.

(sorry, the polish letters and accents are not present in the alphabet used here), for instance, in the christian name WACLAW, the “L” has a oblique slash, and is pronounced “wa”, and not “l”)