Polish 7.92x57. AP?

Hello again
I need help with this cartridge.
I have never seen a polish cartridge with red base. Is this a AP cartridge?

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi Pedro, yes, it is armour piercing… Naboj kal.7,9mm wz Przeciwpancerny ‘P’

Very Nice!!

Thank you for your help.


I do not think it is “P” type ammo.

Red annular primer that is OK, but lacquer in headstamps? Newer see before that marking ammo.
In addition, production from 1924 in case by “Pocisk”?

Piotr, if the color filled hs was not intended then this is a not too uncommon observation as when the machinery for the PA was leaking or applying too much laquer the excess material just covered the base and remained in the hs grooves.

Hmmm, I have to agree that 1924 does seem very early - too early - for AP.

Very interesting, i think Hirtenberg bullet + PL case.

I know about the order of 12.02.1924, from Hirtenberg:
3 000 000 primers
3 000 000 cases
3 000 000 bullets “SMK”

and 29.10.1925:
1 600 000 bullets SMK