Polish 7.92x57 steel case before IWWII - with hst photo

Polish small arms ammunition with iron/steel case before II WW

I search information about polish small arms ammunition made with case from iron/steel before II WW.

What I know in short cut :

  • project began at the beginning 30’s

  • first materials used for test was low chromic steel (c. 4% Cr) and iron “Armco”. This tests not to finish gone out how waited.

  • probably in further researches one assembled on material nearing to “Armco” but without buying of licence on his productions.

  • also tested many methods of protection of ammunition before corrosion by: tinning, coating with copper chemical, parkerising, bonderizing

  • in late years 30’s Z.A “Pocisk” and “Państwowa Fabryka Amunicji” w Skarżysku tested production ammunition with iron/steel case in many combinations. But nothing I know about materials used in tests

  • probably exists display board with polish ammunition (made by Z.A. “Pocisk”) found by U.S. Army in factory" Polte" in 1945

I have one short note from article published in 1937 about polish signal ammunition (25mm or 35mm) made with iron/steel case but never I not see (found) this.

Not exist information about tests for pistol ammunition with iron/steel case

What i search:

  1. articles:
    Regenstreif P.; Munitions Polonaises d’Armes Legeres 1919-39, 1996
    Regenstreif P.; Les cartouches polonaises calibre 7,92x57 (1920-1940); AMI

  2. picture this ammunition with headstamps or picture display board with this.

Best Regards: Piotr J. Bochyński


Thanks for the great rundown. I have not heard of Polish Steel case ammunition from pre-1941 so this is new informaiton for me.

I collect 9x19mm ammunition, and have never seen or heard of Polish steel case pistol ammunition.

I will forward your post to someone who may have some information.

Cheers, and thanks for providing this information on the Forum!


I checked with the Woodin Lab on this subject and received the following reply from Bill Woodin, the Director of the Lab.


Thanks for this - interesting! I’ve always liked early steel cases! That sounds like a great board, but never seen it.

Here is what we have in Polish steel-cased 7.92 x 57:

“S” bullet:
Pk / * / 38 / * / - plain finish

“sS” bullet:
Pk / * / 38 / * / - plain finish
Pk / / 39 / / - copper finish

                                                       Best, Bill[/quote]

Is it possible for you to tell us more about the Board that was found at Polte, and if possible a picture? You can send me a picture by email (see tab at bottom of this post for my email)?

Again, thanks for the interesting post.


Piotr sent me an email with the following headstamp photo of a steel case Polish 7.92 cartridge. Sure wish I had a similar headstamped 9x19mm steel case round!!!

This is from an article in Polish that appeared some time ago. The reference is

Jarosław Dąbrowski; “Łuski stalowe Polskiej amunicji karabinowej z okresu międzywojennego”; Militaria i Fakty 5, 2004, nr. 2 (23), s.16-17

Hope you 7.92 collectors enjoy it!



Not small arms ammo but according to Polish sources there were also 20x140B steel cases. Anybody out there with images of such a case?

About steel case of 20x140B a have only this information from: Zbigniew Gwóźdź, Piotr Zarzycki; „Polskie konstrukcje broni strzeleckiej”; Wydawnictwo Czasopism i Książek Technicznych SIGMA NOT, Spółka z o.o., Warszawa 1993

“Na kilku konferencjach przeprowadzonych w 1937 r.z przedstawicielami Fabryki Karabinów w Warszawie ustalono ostatecznie rysunki komory nabojowej, wg których wykonano komory w 20 mm nkm model A. W celu szybkiego dostarczenia łusek do Fabryki Karabinów pierwsze z nich wykonano przez toczenie z prętów stalowych. Opracowano jednocześnie plany produkcji toczonych łusek mosiężnych.”

In translation:
On several conferences effected in 1937r. representatives of Fabryki Karabinów w Warszawie (Factory Of Rifles in Warsaw) one fixed at last drawings of chamber cartridge, according to of which one executed chambers in 20 mm nkm model A. In quick aim of delivering of case to Fabryki Karabinów first from them one executed by turning from steel - rods. One worked out simultaneously plans of production rolled of brass - case.