Polish 7.92x57 with interrupted segment lines

A friend noticed that the segment lines in Polish 7.92x57 have particular interruptions (webs/bridges) in the segment lines.
To what can be seen these do resemble some sort of code. Assumingly these marks are related to the case manufacture and are observed on headstamps from at least 1924 till 1935.
Can anybody tell what these marks are indicating?

I collected 7.9 x 57 for about 15 years, although that collection is gone now. I noted these early on, and actually saved rounds by the positions and number of “cuts” across the lines. In all those years, I found no one that could interpret them. I totally agree, though, with your thought that they are some sort of code. My two guesses at the time were either a month of loading code, or a loading line code. Both theories proved to have problems, but I forget now exactly what they were.

Jon C. - do you know?

John Moss

John, thanks!
Anybody to establish the exact time frame these marks were used?

by period: 1922-1939

by producer case: Z.A. “Pocisk” S.A. , Fabryka Amunicji nr 1 Skarżysko

by supplier brass: B, D, DZ, E, Hr, N

by place segment: all lines

List of headstamps with this markings was in book Grzegorz Franczyk “Polska amunicja strzelecka 1919-2004”

Alex, do you happen to know how these images were taken? Camera or scanner? The picture quality, contrast and colour are absolutely superb!

Jim, having seen scans before (and noticing the drawbacks) I think these are photos.
I will ask back and tell how it was done.

Good evening.
Thanks EOD and thanks for your attention to this question. I also found these “bridges” about three years ago, but just now decided to ask about it.
I am glad you liked photos. I made them on camera Olympus C-5060, in macro. And small photo processing in editor (dust, scratch, etc.). I collect 7,92 headstamp about 10 years and have made already about three thousand such photos.
For example, h/s cartridges photo from one box.

They are amazing photographs Vallk, thank you for sharing.

Valik, good to have you on the thread now!

Great Pictures, Thank you for sharing.


from book: Grzegorz Franczyk “Polska amunicja strzelecka 1919-2004”,

PJB: Thanks for the additional information!

Very interesting post!!!

I have a number of Polish 9x19mm from 1936 through 1939 with the segment lines on the headstamp. This includes the normal ball rounds with each of the four year dates, a ball round with a non-magnetic bullet that looks original and three dummy rounds (2 with SZKOL in place of the date). None of these rounds have the “broken line” segment markings. Nor have I seen a 9mmP with this type headstamp. It appear that whatever these markings signified was not considered significant for 9mmP ammunition.

If anyone has a 9mmP load with the broken line markings, please let me know!