Polish 7.9mm rose crimp grenade blank


I would be grateful for any information concerning pre-WW2 Polish 7.9mm round rose crimped grenade blank.

Thank you in advance.



I think a picture would help a lot. And HS …


Hello Rufus,

My question was if there is any Polish grenade blank with rose crimp and for what use ?

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Before WWII Poland produced one type of 7,92 Mauser propellant (salute) ammunition. Brass case 6 crimp rose. The main rifle grenade was the French VB grenade, shot with 8x50R Lebel ammunition. Poland produced such ammunition, brass case, 6 crimp rose, paraffin-sealed.



Thank you Rufus.
I have been reported this rose-crimp blank retrieved in East of France at the border with Germany. We wondered if it could have been an original grenade blank or just some kind of post-war rework .
Strange is the rilled marks which rather denote reload for wooden blanks.
Unfortunately no picture yet from the top of the rose crimp, but these seems no trace of paint or parafin on the outside.

20190624_0839181 (upload://zpaOezXqef9PW7YOAXV7UKO6FE4.jpeg)
Thank you in advance for any comment.

Primer crimps are definite evidence of a recycled ball case.
Maybe just a training blank, or a Gren. Launcher charge.
Packets would ID existence of either type.
Being a reload, I would posit for training blank.
Just my opinion.