Polish 9mm training rounds pre 1939

Hello all,
I have some of these rounds and as far as I know those should be dummies for Polish VIS Radom pistol produced in Poland 1936-39. There are no markings whatsoever. I am looking for more seasoned collectors opinion.


Since I am a newbie only one image per post
here is another view


The “Szkol” 9mm dummies are well-known, but yours do have a “Polish” look to them. I am not familiar with your rounds, but perhaps Lew or John will have better info.


Thank you for the information.

Where can I see the SZKOL rounds you mention? I heard about them here in US but Polish sources do not show those for 9mm rounds.

Any images or drawing on the forum?

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Would anybody care to tell where I can try to get a Polish 9mm para rounds pre 1939? I cannot locate any and only managed to get some spend cases from Poland. I mainly collect Radom pistols and would like to have original Polish ammo to go with a Polish eagle Radom.
Thank you