Polish ammo site



Please find (and enjoy:) some samples of marking international ammo. It’s in Polish language, but you can find a lot of pics of signing from all over the world.

Polska -Poland
Czechoslowacja - Czechoslovakia
Niemcy - Germany
Austro-Wegry - Austrian-Hungary ( till the end of WWI)
Wegry - Hungary
Jugoslawia - Yugoslavia
Rumunia - Romania
Dania - Denmark
Wielka Brytania - Great Britain
Stany Zjednoczone - USA
Belgia - Belgium
Wlochy- Italy
Grecja - Greece
Kanada - Canada
RPA - Republic of South Africa

You will often find the words: “Sposob znakowania”"what means method of marking (signing). If somebody has any questions don’t hesitate to ask:)
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Site would not open.


This one works!


I bet it would be even better if I could read it. Not enough photos.


Hmm, difficult to say why, I can see it, maybe too much connections at a given moment? There are a lot of information about small arms cartdridges marking until the end of WWII.


Try the book icon “SŁOWNIK” to learn Polnish. :-)


[quote=“Rene Jousma”]This one works!

but it’s generally contemporary hunting ammo.

Good luck :)))


Thanks , I tried it.


I’m sorry, I didn’t know, they just changed server. Here you are:



Thanks, I have bookmarked the site.


At the St-Louis (slics)show I will have this book about small caliber ammo for sale.


I have it, an excellent book. Unfortunately it’s all Greek to me, but I’m hoping for an English version someday.


This book looks interesting. Where could i buy it online?



Yes, it’s a good item, Grzegorz is one of the best expert, together with Jarek Cieminski, owner of above mentioned site. The price of this book in Poland is c.a. 15 euro, but if you want and have an opportunity, take it because to the best of my knowledge the book is near of out of print. I will ask Grzegorz about English version and tell you here.

Regarding to this site, there is lack of a lot of ammo types of course , but Jarek took into consideration only these types which were found or digged from the ground in Poland.

Strakv: if you manage it, try here: ksiegarnia-odkrywcy.pl/polsk … ,2161.html
If not, I can buy it and send you.


I got Grzegorz’s e-mail from another Polish friend and sent a few questions and comments to him. He never replied. Do you know if he reads/speaks English? If not, I will ask Leszek to translate a letter into Polish for me. I was surprised to see a few Tokarev and 9mmP variations missing from the book. However the new things I found FAR outweighed the things I didn’t see. The headstamp and color-code info is fantastic.


Jon: I’m afraid Grzegorz is not fluent in English, but of course you can ask Leszek Erenfeicht or…send your remarks and asks to me and I will translate and send it to Grzegorz and response asap.
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If I can find the e-mail I will forward it to you. Leszek is probably too busy flitting about the world. I think he was lucky and missed the tornados in Florida.