Polish (and other) Rifle Grenades

Maybe somebody can help recognize this device? It

it’s a rifle grenade , made in Poland.
I am not at home now , will look later in my books
I have a couple of rifle grenades from Poland.


Thank you!
It would be great if you could help identify it and provide brief details.

It is a CGN practice rifle grenade and best regards to Mihail.

EOD I’ve send your regards to Mikhail. Just to your attention - I do not collect rifle grenades, don’t worry. :) He just would like to identify this specimen.

I hope Gyrojet could help and provide more details about this grenade.

I have two AK 47 rifle grenades out Poland
it is the PGN-60 and PGN-60 CH
PGN-60 Anti-tank grenade. Has a shaped charge, can penetrate 200 mm (7.9 ") of solid steel.

Notes: These are older Polish rifle grenades They are of post-World War 2 vintage, and require both a ballistite cartridge and an AK-47 or AKM with a special adapter or an AMD-65 to launch them. There are two types, one for antiarmor work and one for antipersonnel uses. The F-1/N60 antipersonnel grenade is little more than a Russian F-1 fragmentation grenade with an adapter to allow it to be fired

The rifle grenade from the question is the CGN…
CGN Training grenade used to train artilery crews. The grenade is fired from a kbkg wz. 1960 mounted on a special artilery sights equiped mount.

best regards

found also this one
K-CGN Training version of KGN. Contains no explosives but has a flash-smoke charge. Reusable.

Gyro, where is the info from that Hungary used Polish rifle grenades? According to Hungarian manuals they used/use own designs.

Here for example the “PGK” HEAT (which is rocket assisted):

Here the K-CGN when it is not repainted:

And here the scheme:

Eod you are raid not used by Hungary sorry!


By the way, those Polish practice rifle grenades use spotting charges made of 12GA cases. Has anyone a photo of these?