Polish charger/stripper clip 1919-1939

I search information/picture about markings polish clip/charger and stripper clip made in years 1919-1939 for ammunition:
8x50R Mannlicher
8x50R Lebel

List of firm:
? – firma „Zbrzeźniak” ,1920
? – Wytwórnia Łusek i Łódek Karabinowych, Poznań, 1919-23
(„orzeł” W) (logo) – Wojskowa Wytwórnia Amunicji Karabinowej, Warszawa, 1922-25
„orzeł” W (logo) – Wojskowa Wytwórnia Amunicji Karabinowej, Warszawa, 1922-25
Pk – Zakłady Amunicyjne „Pocisk” S.A.
PK – Zakłady Amunicyjne „Pocisk” S.A.
(Pk) – Zakłady Amunicyjne „Pocisk” S.A.
(PK) - Zakłady Amunicyjne „Pocisk” S.A.
CW (logo) - Fabryka Wyrobów Metalowych, Wacław Czajkowski i S-ka, Warszawa
C - Zakłady Mechaniczne „Cel” Józef Tomaszewski i S-ka, Wilno ?
? – Państwowa Fabryka Amunicji, Skarżysko
A - ?
W - ?
N - ?

Stripper clip made by Zakłady Amunicyjne „Pocisk” S.A. (PJB)

All polish clip and stripper clip was probably was made from steel but i have doubts for one marking by “N” I can’t find information about who made this:

reibert.info by Webley

INTERESTED: Charger for loading magazine Rkm Browning wz.28 from stripper clip:


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I have never seen an 8x50R Mannlicher clip marked as being made in Poland. There are 5 round Lebel chargers, I believe marked ‘PK’ but I don’t have a picture of one and I may be wrong about the marking.

Trying to decode who the makers of 7,92x57 chargers were would be a wearisome exercise as there are an awful lot of them. I have over 50 in my ‘unidentified’ folder and I think most of them are likely to stay unknown for all time. The three Polish makers I have are these;

The loader for the BAR is very similar to the one developed by Springfield Armory for loading 30-06 ammunition from stripper clips which I think was probably the first of the loader adaptors for charging magazines using clips whilst “off the weapon”.


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Thanks for answer :) very much

Łódka do 8 mm nb. as. 5 sztuk - Clip for 8 mm austrian cartridges 5 rounds
Łódka wz.16 na 5 nb. - Clip model 16 on 5 cartridges
Łódka wz.90 na 3 nb. - Clip model 90 on 3 cartridges
Łódka wz.98 do 7,9mm nb. - Clip model 98 for 7,9mm cartridges

nb. - naboi - cartridges
as. - austriackich- austrian
wz. - wzór - model

If you see all have this same name “łódka” whitout of differentiating on clip/stripper clip/charger/en-bloc clip and other strange name ;)


1. clip for 8x50 R Mannlicher
Also I did not see this clip and I do not know nobody who I would see but:

Probably was made when Zakłady Amunicyjne “Pocisk” S.A. produced ammunition in caliber 8x50R Mannlicher in years 1920-1922.
Clip probably was not marking or marking with “Pk in cirle”. But maybe clip was made too by firm which was made case for this ammunition and I think in this moment about Towarzystwo Akcyjne Fabryk Metalowych pod firmą “Norblin, Bracia Buch i T.Werner” w Warszawie.

2. clips for 8x50R Lebel
Probably was made when Zakłady Amunicyjne “Pocisk” S.A. produced ammunition in caliber 8x50R Lebel in years 1926-1937.
Clips probably was not marking or marking with “Pk in cirle”. But i don’t see that headstamps clips.

Not always markings “PK” meaning that became produced in Poland like this examples which I found on:

With description:
PK … This mark is for ‘ParKerisation’ which was done during 1934 to 1939. All of these that have been observed were coated with gray zinc (zingué gris)

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Better picture for to show differents markings on stripper clip made by Zaklady Amunicyjne “Pocisk” S.A.

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Another question about markings on stripper clips. Maybe polish, maybe not.

T in quarter circle(?)

HS founded with polish ammo with bullets type “S” (black primer annulus)


photo by MW


I have this charger listed as “unknown” … and the late Phil Butler, who had a very comprehensive list of 7,9x57 chargers didn’t mention a country. Unless there are contemporary documents, or clips are found in a sealed packet, I don’t like to make guesses.


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