Polish kurz 7.92 for sturmgewehr?

hello all,
I would appreciate a opinion on this round, it seems to be a Polish case from 1933. is it German attempt or Polish after war creation or a fake? I have seen 10 or so rounds like this recently.

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The Poles have a long history of secreting weapons for the “next” conflict. The reformed/reloaded pics you posted could have been from any quasi-public or private source.

So most likely after war creation? Is there a history of sturmgewehr being used in Poland after 1945?
those rounds are located in Poland.I never heard of Poles reusing old cases for other then practice rounds…

The 7.92mm Kurz round was experimental in 1938 and wasn’t even produced until 1942. The case is cut-down and reshaped from an old 1933-production Mauser cartridge case. It was originally made by one of the Polish government ammunition factories, as indicated by the Polish Eagle at 12 o’clock. (The “N” at 6 o’clock indicates the metal supplier was Norblin). The “67” at 3 o’clock indicates that it uses a brass alloy of 67% copper.

It might have been reloaded at any time after 1942, possibly as a fake. The Polish had machinery to make new Kurz cartridges, so reshaping old brass makes no sense. Only the owner could shed light on its provenance.

The Sturmgewehr was used by East Germany until it was replaced by the AK47. The Russians forced their Warsaw Pact allies to adopt standard weapons in the late 1950s. The stores of pre-war and wartime weapons were warehoused, later to be given out as military aid to allies like North Vietnam and Nasser’s Egypt. The 7.92mm Kurz ammunition was usually repacked war production rather than new, as they had captured a lot of it.

More pictures. Rounds are in Poland and current owner got them as exchange from somebody and provenance cannot be confirmed. I was hoping that it may be an early Polish attempt at kurz from old remainig cases at factory in Skarzysko-Kamienna or Pionki in Poland before they started steel case production of kurz rounds. The green paint around primer looks different then war time Polish green I have on Polish SC rounds as shown.

In my humble opinion, the shape of the neck/shoulder area is off, as are the case mouth crimps. The tarnishing/corrosion looks too “fresh”. I think these are not authentic.