Polish Small-Caliber Ammunition 1945-2020 book

Before proofreading. Intended sale: September

“Polish Small-Caliber Ammunition 1945-2020”

260 pages
550+ photos
400+ drawings
700+ h/s

Hard cover
165x235 mm



Looks interesting. Are you setting up with anyone to sell the book in the USA?

I would be a buyer, and I am sure there would be many, many others here, since it seems to be in English as well as Polish.

John Moss


I don’t have a seller in the US. Previous books were sent in letters to buyers (one or two in letter).

Yes its full text in PL and ENG. Type of book - catalog of types ammo, h/s, photos of variants - normal cartridges, lot a display cartridges, unfinished cases, prototypes. Short introduction about history of ammunition industry especially early period after 1945 and info about production of small caliber cartridges.

examples [bad quality - printscreen from .doc file]:

miniature from .pdf file:

Definitely interested in a copy.


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I ordered Przemek’s book on Polish HV Rifle Ammunition earlier this year. Payment was via PayPal and shipping was reasonably priced.

I look forward to getting a copy of Przemek’s new book!



Me too, I bought the book on High Velocity Ammunition. Arrived within a week. Very well done indeed. Przemyslaw, when you read this, put one aside for me!

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The same applies to me: I was very impressed by his book on high-velocity cartridges.
Of course, I cringe (to put it mildly) when reading “8 x 57 Mauser” but this would not stop me from buying his new book.
Within Europe, one can send him a money order directly, no being forced to use the most dubious organization PayPal.

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Reserve me a copy!

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Looks like a high quality, interesting work. Hope the purchase of it is not too complicated for those of us across the pond from Poland.

John Moss

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John, I also purchased Polish HV Rifle Ammunition from Przemek and it was a very easy transaction with Paypal. Assuming you have a Paypal account it will convert the currency from USD to PLN for you. It is not much different than ordering something located in the USA, other than tracking doesn’t work outside of Poland. I received my copy about 3 weeks after ordering and was very pleased with the whole transaction.

Just waiting for someone to post a purchase point.

Thanks for the opinions! 1945-2020 ammo book - the same print parameters as HV book.

If everything goes according to plan, at the end of the year or in January there is a plan to print a book about Polish cartridges 20x138B and 20x140B for NKM [HMG / heaviest MG - pre-war name used for 13,2 and 20 mm]. With introduction about the tests of Oerlikon, Solothurn, Madsen, Hispano-Suiza weapons.
Never published photos and drawings of 20 mm shell types, with experimental variants.

First project of cover:


If in English and looks like it is? I would buy one.

Book about 20 mm in PL, ENG - only near photos/drawings/tables description.

What is the cost?

Hi, I’ll write everything in September. Planned price is 80 PLN for Small caliber ammo book.

Currently 80 PLN = $21 US Dollars

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