Poll - How much is BS?


I still shoot competitively and so I visit several “shooting” Forums. Most are very good but some are not so very good. A couple of years ago a contributor to one of the better Forums asked the question, “How much of this is BS?” I was surprised by the answers. Many contributors thought a very high percentage of Forum posts were BS.

So, what do you think about the IAA Forum? I know that everything I write is as pure as Ivory Soap but I’m not so sure about the rest of you. To keep it anonymous I’ve put it into a poll format. So here 'tis.


Ray - there is one problem with this poll. It does not define “BS.” No, I am not being facetious. Is an incorrect answer given in sincerity by someone who honestly believes he knows the answer “BS?” I would not classify it as such. All of us have had wrong information or wrong ideas about ammunition subjects before. I have researched articles only to find, since I don’t rely on single sources normally, that some printed, respected answer to some bit of information is totally wrong. If we count wrong but sincere answers as “BS” I would answer that the Forum here is not perfect, but that the “BS” is probably less than ten percent so far. Based on sincere answering, and forgetting the few spams we have had, I would rate this Forum as 100% NOT BS.


Ray–I agree with John Moss. I know I have posted some “bad” info, but it was the truth as I understood it. I have tried to always indicate when I am making a guess or if I am not sure it is right. Being corrected on what you post, is, in my opinion, good for everybody. The purpose of this forum to dessimate information and to help each other learn as collectors.

To me, “BS” means stuff posted deliberately to miss-lead. Using this defination, I think very little of what is posted is “BS”. I know of only one instance on this new forum where "BS " was posted. It was done “tongue in cheek”, but it was posted as if it were fact. The problem with that type of posting, which I hope are few, is that, while in context of the entire thread, it is clear that it was meant to be a facetious remark, but later, when picked up out of context with a search of the forum, there is no wy to tell that it was a “joke” and it is accepted as fact.

So, people, let’s not post this type of stuff. Let us keep this forum as factual as possible. It is OK to specialiate, but in so doing, indicate that it is just that.


I sometimes post BS but not intentionally. I am new to ammo world, it is huge (bigger than guns) and I need help. I learn a lot from reading about things I do not (yet) possess. Like Chey Tac photo I posted. I got a round because it was pointy sharp, it surprised me. Now, through photos of other forum inhabitants, I know that there are other headstamps. Stuff like this.


I think that this site attracts those who are serious or are interested in ammunition. This keeps away the BS posters. From what I can tell in the several years I have been visiting the IAA website and based on my knowledge and reference materials, the information posted here is accurate or beleived to be accurate. I think we all have posted answers that were vague, incorrect or incomplete at one time or another. None of us can be experts in every facet of this hobby. The incorrect information that turns up from time to time is not likely intentional, so it does not qualify as BS in my book.



Agree with all the above. Do not think anybody puts deliberate misleading information on the forum. Have a fairly large library and there are several books on the same subject written over many years that have conflicting information on guns and ammunition. Think it is mainly that later and more thorough investigation and later discovery of unknown documents proves older information inacurate. Example 1: have 3 books on the Springfield 1903 rifle and it’s ammunition published from 1931 to 1963 and all of them have some conflicting information. Example 2: the last few days posts on the steel cored pistol bullets. The conflict about the shape of the core has been based on what different collectors have in their collection.


MORE IGNORANCE THAN BS. Most of these guys are serious about collecting and want to know as well as to get and to share.


I’ll simply add to the majority opinion here - erroneous information gets out, but not intentionally. Nor from a desire to appear “expert” when one is not - there are too many serious scholars of the field participating in this group for a BS artist to flourish.