Polte 90mm

Hi can anyone identify this shell and what weapon it was used with its 90mm across mouth and 250mm in length, it only has the polte logo and 39 stamped on it, there is no primer as it’s been removed

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Welcome here Paxo!

You got a very interesting case it seems.

Would you have a side view for us?

What is the exact rim diameter measured with a caliper?

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Does the 39 denote a year or that it’s for armour piercing marking?

I’ve added a few more pics with a tape measure beside it

The 39 is the year, definately no connection to AP loads.
In particular not as this case has an export headstamp and nothing loaded into the case would have a Wehrmacht designation.

I guess you have no caliper?

Sorry I don’t but I’ll add a pic of base with tape across

It’s tapered from top to bottom, where should I measure

Hi eod in what way do you mean it’s interesting?

It is interesting because the Polte logo was seldomly used.

[/So I take it that it’s quite a rare item with the polte logo, can you be a bit more specific as to who the shell was made for? Export or the German military

There is nothing else I could say.
This is a commercial logo on an unknown case.

So it’s a case made for export with a year date? Is it possible because of no other markings it may have been taken home by a worker as a souvenir

No, that is not how it worked.

I’m confused as to why it’s not marked apart from year and headstamp

It is like today: customer’s choice.

I have scoured the internet and the closest thing it measures to is a 25pdr field gun which is British but was also used by Belgium and the Germans when captured, please correct me if I’m wrong

Well the 25 Pr cartridge case is 292mm long so it probably was not for those guns.
Suggest you ask on the BOCN forum …