Polte, pin-fire display board

Hi all,

a fried have this display and I am looking information to help during the ID. Someone could help me with information about Polte? They did pinfire?
The headstamp of the samples in the display are from Braun und Bloom and RWS


Thank you


Any headstamp?

I have never heard of a Polte pinfire but these are far outside my area.

Polte is known to make boards displaying cartridges made by other companies. With the B&B and RWS headstamps, this is likely one of these boards.


the first (left) an Acorn, the two on the middle are blank and the last “BB 9”

Is it normal to have the pins angled???

Hi Alex
There were a number of designs used (inside and on the outside) with various makes of Pin Fires, some used this angled design.

The pin had to protrude past the chamber / breech wall to be struck by the hammer & then you had the angle of hammer fall as a factor of insuring ignition. Length of the pin was sometimes another factor.

Acorn: RWS

BB; Braun Bloem

Pete, I understand this. So the angled design is less common and applies to certain guns?
Means this particular ammo was not interchangeable?

Hi Alex
I’m afraid I don’t know enough to answer your questions.

However in looking at my small collection (perhaps 50-60 12mm’s) most have a very slight angle but a very few are angled such as these. My BB hs’ed ball load is close to as shown in the unheadstamped ball load third from the left.

In looking at a closeup of the photo the two to the right the cap is not against the case head so perhaps when they were sectioned this changed the angle?
However the two or the left and especially the extreme left appear to be as manufactured.

The far left being a blank could perhaps be for a starter pistol of a certain make? Just a guess / thought on my part.

Aaron hopefully might be able to fully answer.