Poly Case ARX and other loadings


Havent posted here in quite awhile and had to reset. Several years back (Maybe 2) I came across polycase ammunition.The company used technology that I seem to recall was begun in Spain, that used a polymer and powdered copper for the projectile/bullets. Ultimate goal was to make a non reloadable lethal round for military use so that enemy combatants (Can I say Terrorists here?) could not reuse the fired cases nor reclaim spent projectiles. Loads were made in 380/9mmk, 9x19, 45 acp, 38 special and 357 magnum. Initial cases loaded by polycase were brass boxer primed and made starline and other commercial brass. Ive not sem any with polycase markings. Not much later, Ruger firearms contracted for ammo with their name on the cases. (I have these in 9x19 and 45 acp and I think 380). Headsatmp are Ruger and caliber Nickel plated cases.
Most recently another company has introduced NovX ammo with the ARX, RN Training and supposedly Tracer loads. (9x19 only so far. Projectiles come from one source (Polycase?) and cases from another. Cases are two piece Nickel plated 7078 aliminum base married to a Nickel Stainless case. 50% lighter than brass and a lot stronger (Rated to 65,000 psi) While I havent yet acquired any NovX for col;lection, Im going to soon. For more info the most recnet Shooting Times magazine has a decent article on NovX 9x19. btw comes in std and +P loads.

John Guenther


Is/was there ever any significant terrorist or criminal organization that depended on picking up its opponents spent cases to improve its supply of ammunition?
Some criminals load their own ammunition, no doubt. But they are very few. Terrorists are typically, if indirectly, state sponsored and getting enough ammunition is one of their least problems.
Considering the “non-reloadable” cases were “Boxer primed” (one would at least expect Berdan primed), I think this was not the real purpose.


He is referring to Polycase’s first endeavor which revolved around plastic cases, but which was quickly abandoned. Everything else about the ARX bullet and Polycase endeavors is sprinkled throughout the forum across 4 or 5 threads.


The latest rendition is NovX. Uses polycase ARX and RNP bullets with a two
piece Nickel plated 7078 Al base joinded rto a Nickel Stainless NAS3
Casebody. about 60% of weight of Brass cases and tested to 65,000 psi.
(Overkill for 9x19) Cases are Boxer primed and supposedly reloadable?


Being reloadable is their primary appeal, along with reduced weight. They are reloadable upwards of 40 times .


Seems that is ammo is a further development of the plastic round nose, manufactured previously by Fiocchi, at least for more than a decade ago:


Since you find very controversial test result on gel, I would like to know if this ARX ammo is as good as it is promoted by the company in real life situation.




To know of the ARX’s ability in a real-life situation is difficult since I don’t know of any person who has been shot with one from any media or company report. It would certainly have more or less the same killing / wounding potential as a FMJ bullet at typical close range distances, but with less over-penetration concern. It would penetrate a skull or torso anyway, but have much less energy after the fact due to considerably lighter weight. Whether they are equal to any known jacketed hollow point is mostly conjecture born out of ballistics gel encounters which indicate a greater wound-channel cavitation than FMJ projectiles at least, and greater than traditional JHP’s some of the time. The X-factor for the ARX is in being reduced ricochet, and lead-free for whatever that is worth to the average person. Given the very similar wound-channel abilities of the solid copper Lehigh Max-Defender and the G9 E.H.P., I would chose those since they have much better penetration potential on hard targets, and more potential energy from heavier weight. The loss of redcued-ricochet would not concern me in the slightest, as it would not to most all people.

If I had to chose whether I wanted to be shot in the leg with a Federal HST, or an ARX bullet - I would definitely pick the ARX bullet as it is less likely to crush bones and shred things with peeled-back propeller-like segments of copper-clad lead found in HST’s, Gold Dot’s, etc.


Thank you DKConfiguration.

I’ll not be surprised if we’ll have to wait a few years before this ARX (and likes) ammo will be proven or not for defense/service use. Albeit, soft points and hollow points reduce ricochets and have less over-penetration than a typical FMJ RN.
I would personally never buy such experimental and new ammo, before some serious studies or proof are published. Actually, you’ll find good lead-free monolithic SCHP ammo available on the US market, as you mentioned. It would be my preference as well.

Unfortunately, here in Europe, the only solid copper defense ammo available would be the Fiocchi EMB, so we don’t get a lot of choice…

As for the ARX, wait and see.


Being a long tiem collector and shooter, The ARX and RNP bullets may be a
novelty or maybe not TBD. Personally I porefer a larger caliber for self
defense/carry (45 acp or a revolver in 357/41 or 44 calibers. Yes357 is
same as a 9mm but in revolver, these can be magnums. In autoloading pistol,
the 45 acp is abvailable in effective bullets of 200 grains or better. Wont
argue benefits of bullet designs. As a cartridage colector/researcher, the
development of so called non toxic rounds is a bid deal these days. Lets
face it, ammunition is designed to do damage. the fact that environmental
concerns impact choice for amunition materials is simply the latest
challenge to making usable ammunition. yes we will wait and see. Until then
I’ll carry JHP’s in whatever caliber I use. John Guenther


A now somewhat retired and well respecter forensic officer ( former head of the department in a very large city ) when he saw an ARX box here, just rotated his index finger & said all they do is spin.

So some good that, but not 100% perfect. Properly designed hollow points Like Gold Dot also have their advantages, but again not 100% perfect.

It all seems to depend on the actual situation one finds ones self in as to which should work best.


Im not a forensics expert. i simply enjoy the variety of ideas that seem to
be exploding in ammuntion design. As a former active firearms instructor, I
personally prefer a large projectile ogf at least 40/41, caliber, and at
least 200 grains weight at 900 to 1000 fps muzzle velocity, (I like the 45
acp in auto pistols). as A ammunition collector/researcher, my interest is
in auto pistol rounds with emphasis on 9x19, As a shooter, I really prefer
wheel guns in 41/44 & 45 calibers. As pete noted how effective the ARX
projectile is hasnt been established. In the NovX loadings, the velocity is
very fast harkening back to the days when Lee Jurras, introduced Super vel.
This led to many of todays “improved” hollow points, and +p as well as +p+
loads. Wont argue rthat a "spining bullet may not be effective/ I dont have
any experience to base a decison on.