Polycase Ammunition polymer-plastic case 380 Auto Cartridges

A new US company, Polycase Ammunition, is entering the commercial ammunition business in the US with a line of plastic case pistol ammunition. Their first entry into the commercial market is 380 Auto in a number of loads that should reach distributors before Christmas. The development cases, and the initial 380 cases are made in Spain, but production will soon be established in the US. So far I have only seen the development cases which have a black polymer-plastic body and steel head. Other calibers will also be produced.

I am putting together an article on this ammo for the next IAA Journal as I learn more.


I’m doing the same for the ECRA Bulletin - I’ve been sent some photos of the ammo and boxes.

Do either of you have a list of the calibers they intend to produce?

Their Facebook page shows one photo; loaded 380 cartridges and the headstamp can be seen:

They mention using bullets such as Speer Gold Dot, Hornady XTP, and Montana Gold

.380 seems to be it for now.

The final version with the steel rim was also made in other colors with boxes matching them (yellow, black, red and light purple). Early black cases were entirely made of plastic.

I found this link to an AR15.com thread that shows a few more photos of this ammo:


I’m loving the lavender plastic case color on one of the shown loads at that link, but I am surprised by the prices. MidwayUSA sells 25rd boxes of tried & true Hornady .380 XTP for $17.99, so selling a box of 25 Polycase with XTP bullets for over $20.00 probably wont go so well. Other than the first several months of plastic-cased curiosity purchases that is. Those are just the prices of that one seller, so maybe different retail prices will start to pop up once it’s out there?

Polycase’s Facebook page (I joined Facebook yesterday to see full product info and photos on ammo FB pages) shows that they have their online shop open, and that they have pink .380 cases:

Looks like 3 hollow point varieties and one FMJ load, all in both black and pink cases. Also, the shipping on orders comes up as “free cyber week shipping”.

If not priced competitively (or better) vs. conventional metal-cased ammunition, this stuff is doomed before it gets started. Better stock up while it is available. Previous plastic-cased ammunition marketing attempts (aside from shotshells) have not been blessed by success in the marketplace. The same will probably happen with Polycase. Products sell only as long as customers can realize some tangible benefit. Their own list of “Benefits” is a joke. Polycase will likely be another USAC.

The prices are not much worse, but are definitely not better than typical brass-cased ammo (which offers cases to reload again). I do however see a potential for success if marketed along the lines of designer case colors (pink), and possibly custom-printed cases? Camo-colored cases, toxic-green “zombie” cases etc… We know how irrationally well those do even though they are nothing more than aesthetics.

As a typical non-collector, how many users would pay a premium price for a colored plastic case vs. a brass or aluminum case (which, by the way, could also be anodized to any color of the rainbow)? Not many, I’d bet. Federal recently made some pink shotshell cases and boxes for the campaign against breast cancer, but I don’t know how many actually sold. I haven’t seen any on shelves recently at the local Academy. I guess pink .380s to fight breast cancer might sell to some women for a little while. I can see some merit to having different case colors indicating different loadings, and I think USAC tried that with no material success. Anyway, Polycase might have some chance of long-term survival if competitively or aggressively priced, and none at all if at a significantly higher price. And that assumes there are no technical performance problems associated with the plastic cases, such as splitting upon firing at very low temperatures, age deterioration, etc. We’ll find out shortly, but my money is on a near-term (maybe 2-year) failure.

I think they should sell ads on their cases and offer to put the distributor names & loga like Bass Pro Shops, then collectors-I am thinking of a guy with initials JM will have tgo buy one of each, regardless of the price. I won’t comment on a guy with initials LC!!!


If they add a “mm” and call them “LC Specials”, they’ll have a customer for life!

Shooting the tumours sounds a rather drastic therapy… ;-)

Thank you all for your feedback, both positive and negative on our new product. As readers of International Ammunition Association we would like to offer you a discount code for 10% off any order on http://shop.polycaseammunition.com with the code IAAFORUM. We also have just implemented a promotion for FREE shipping on 50 Round boxes of our .380 XTP ammo.

We at PolyCase Ammunition are not suggesting that our ammunition is the end all, cure all for ammunition. Each shooter will have to determine how they like the feel of our ammunition in their weapons and if polymer is right for them.

Thank you so much for joining and offering the discount. Although we don’t allow direct sale of ammunition outside of the buy/sell/trade folder, in this case I think offering a discount is fine and warranted since you are responding to a thread which is entirely about ammunition that you produce.

I received a 50rd box of pink fmj .380 ammo and 2 25rd boxes of both pink and black .380 HP loads today that I had ordered, and I was satisfied with the consistency and overall quality. I like the effort put into original headstamps and packaging. I also noticed the mention of 9mm and .45 auto as soon to be available items.