Polycase Ammunition

I just acquired this Polycase 380 Auto ammunition.
The photo has 7 of the 8 loadings and the 2 case colors they come in (pink and black).
As far as I know there are
4 pink - ball, 90 gr. Uni-Cor HP, 90 gr. GR XTP HP and gold colored HP (don’t know the loading)
4 black- same as pink case loadings.
Scans of 25 round box and 50 round box. The 50 round box had no loading info on box but had 50 ball rounds.
Matt C. had a box or two of this ammunition at SLICS this year. Perhaps you can add to this.

Does this stuff feed/cycle very well thru 380 auto pistols?
Bob R.

With the cost differential between this stuff and imported or traditional .380, I have not seen or heard of any shooter interest in this ammo. In addition, .380 is not a high-volume round that one goes out and shoots a few boxes for fun. I might get a box or two to test, but I haven’t heard anything yet from the shooting community.

You have what I have in terms of box type, projectile type, color, and headstamp. Their production is on hold the last time I checked their website.

The black case on the far left looks like a Remington 102gr Golden Saber maybe?

Never used any of the Polycase stuff. My one remaining .380 mousegun is a KelTec that is positively averse to anything but the most smooth/round of ogives. It jams on the Speer Gold Dot (UniCor component), Federal HydraShok and CorBon SCHP. On good days the Golden Saber works OK.

I wonder how the product is qualified as ‘Green’?

What do they mean by SAAMI Standards?


Jason, it is the standards ammo has to comply with to make sure it can be used in all weapons chambered in one caliber. The European counterpart is the “CIP”.

Here the SAAMI site:

Thank you very much, Alex! Appreciate the info and the link.


Just saw a photo from the Polycase booth at the current 2014 SHOT show and they are now getting into some sort of lead-free polymer (or frangible?) bullets loaded on brass cases. The projectile shown in the photo is labelled as the ARX and has a multi spoon-tip sort of look with a twist reminiscent of the Lightfield Alpha:

In the display cabinet shown in Matt’s post they also had a red .380 variation empty case, and a black plastic bodied .223 / 5.56x45.