Poongsan (South Korea) catalog

Just in case somebody is interested.
Here the version currently online on the Poongsan website:


EOD - Thanks for posting. Any idea of what year this catalog is? There is a tiny number series in the back that ends with the numbers “07.” Do you think hat is possibly the year of publication?

Referring to a previous PS thread, I not that neither 7.62 x 25 mm Tokarev nor 9 mm Makarov are in this catalog.

John, the year is often a problem with commercial catalogs. I had this one before and found it to be still the current one on the POONGSAN website.
I guess they try to avoid dates to let tehir catalogs appear always actual and inspire possible customers to make requests. With a catalog dated 10 years back some people may hesitate to contact them as they could think the products are not available or thelike.

Thanks for the great link, EOD!

Has there ever been a collaboration in the past between Poongsan, Germany and the US concerning their tank ammunition? I see so may German and US designs in some of their tank ammunition. I have a very early US 90mm APFSDS-T projectile prototype that looks almost identical to the South Korea round. Really cool catalog!


Jason, Poongsan is heavily influenced by US ammo designs (licences). The German 120mm were certainly licenced through Germany as the US are also only a licence buyer for the 120mm tank ammo.

So interesting how countries work together and license each others arms.


Jason, with globalization and known and unknwon ties between countries together with commercial interests we never had more and opaque relations of the arms business than today.
And all this is very hard to keep track on as it is just too much and little is published in detail (and often nothing at all).

EOD - My last efforts to email you have all be met with a “undeliverable” notice.
Please sent me a test email, and I will try to respond to it to see what is happening.

Thanks, EOD!

These international relationships are fascinating but totally drive me nutty trying to figure out :-) LOL


Alex and John, since 2006 there are several editions of this catalog all showing the same cover, but you can find the date in the bottom right of the last page (i.e., “0907” = July 2009). Regards, Fede.

Fede, thanks! You are right as usual!