Poor quality PMC 9mm loads

While working on my collection I found a few of these 9mm FMJ (?) cartridges with a little ‘nipple’ on top. At a closer look that seems to be the result of storage in the PVC rack, but the quality of the coating (?) is vey bad also. It’s not just one cartridge, all 3 have the same ‘nipple’ and the craters on the bulletsurface. Has anybody seen these bad manufactured bullets too?


When the bullets are made, the die typically (or in most cases I have seen) have a pin at the bullet tip to push the formed bullet out of the die. If this is mis-adjusted than the result is a nipple at the bullet tip.


I have over a dozen specimens of PMC 9 mm Luger rounds
with FMJ bullets in my collection, made in several different
countries and various variations in headstamp font, pimers,
etc. I have never seen one with bullets like those in your
cartridges. Aside from the poorly-formed nose, the color tone
and mottled appearance of the jackets would lead me to believe
that these are copper-plated bullets, and the rounds are likely

PMC has been, over the years and regardless if made in the USA,
Italy, Republic of South Korea, Mexico, etc., been fairly high quality
ammunition. Those bullets do NOT look like the product of any of
the factories that have produced PMC-headstamp 9 mm ammunition.

John Moss

After my holidays i’ll unload one end check if they maybe are reloads. I’ll too think they are copper plated, that’s why I had the ? behind FMJ.

The bullets with which the cartridges are equipped in your photos are similar to https://www.hn-sport.de/ru/reloading/rn-356-125-gr-hs

Only the quality is much worse.

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