Portuguese 5.56 / .223 blanks

The two Portuguese 5.56 / .223 blanks shown below are both headstamped “F 31-77”. Does the white tip have any significance ? Are they just “noise” blanks, or for propulsion ?

Chris P.

Hi Chris, Fuchs has it listed as a blank.


I note that he does list blanks by function, with grenade blanks being clearly identified as such, so my assumption is that it isn’t anything other than a noise blank.

Could white indicate ‘noise’ blank or could it simply be a sealant to protect against moisture? I probably haven’t helped much.

Edit: To add cl indicates circular primer crimp. b/gn indicates a brass primer with green annulus sealant.

This is a Portuguese rifle grenade cartridge so I would conclude that yours is a blank Chris.

Thanks guys,
Both Fuchs and Hughes call it a “blank” so I was looking for something definitive as I didn’t want to assume anything. More information is always coming to light and Dave Hughes’ list is nearly 30 years old.

Chris P.