Portuguese 7.63 Mauser?

It seems like Portuguese ammo is popular now, so perhaps I can get an answer to a question I’ve had for a long while.
There is a fairly common Portuguese-made 7.63 (7.62x25) Mauser cartridge with an FNM 7.63 1-73 headstamp. There are a few different lots and dates, but they are all essentially the same.
Were these made for military use or commercial sale? Possibly for use in captured weapons in Angola, Mozambique, or Rhodesia?

Jon - I can give you the same partial answer I did some years ago. They were made at least partially for commercial sale. We sold them in our store briefly, until Fiocchi was able to resupply some (better price and good stuff too), and they came on the market too soon after the headstamp dates to likely be surplus. I have the box for the 1-73 round. It is marked “Century Arms” but the box was supplied with the cartridges from Portugal. On the back, it says: "Made in Portugal by Fabrica Nacional de Muni

I know we have discussed this round before, but I don’t think you mentioned all the box info. I like my “story” better, but your explanation is probably correct.

The FNM produced 7,63 mm MAUSER cartridges were absolutely 100% commercial, and this was confirmed to me “on the spot” by the man in charge of INDEP exhibit in a former EUROSDATORY exhibition, a Colonel, who told me that one of the the goals of the company was to start again making some obsolete or obsolescent calibres, mainly for export …to the US!

I had approched him to know if they were planning to fulfill a French commercial ordert from a local armourer, M. FOURNIER, the maker of the MAS-FOURNIER conversion, a relatively common hunting carbine sold in France, calibre 7x54 MAS-FOURNIER (it is in the C.I.P. Tables).

Most of the cartridges for this gun were obtained from reworked 7,5 mm Mle 1929C surplus rounds, and shooters or hunters complained the ammo supply was not effective and the rounds having Berdan primlers, difficult to reload…
M. Fournier was already over 75 years old at the time, and I think that the contract was not fulfilled.

In the meantime, INDEP started to manufacture 7,92x33 kurz, 7,5 mm Swiss and 7,5 mm Mle 1929C (MAS), with a moderate success, and ALSO , of course, 7,63 mm Mauser amidst others.

A couple of years ago, when the Company stopped its commercial ammunition production, the remaining stocks were sold to PPU of former Yugoslavia. So you can find the first boxes of 7,92x33 sold by the Serbians containing FNM headstamped and made rounds!


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Just to confirm, we are discussing the 7.63 Mauser rounds with 1973 and 1974 headstamps.

There is no doubt that recent production of 7,63 Mauser was for commercial proposes only. I suppose that production dated form the 70

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Thank you all.