Portuguese 7.92x57 "FNM 70-25"

Do I read it correctly, 1970, lot 25?

Yes, that is correct.


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I have noted 71-20 and 72-3 headstamps in this ammunition.
Do we have a date range for this ammunition?
My theory is that we won’t see any of this 7.92 ammunition made post-1974 as it was made to arm the parts of colonial armies in Angola and Mozambique that were still armed with 7.92 calibre weapons.
Does anyone else have any proof for it against my theory?

Furthermore, is this headstamp format the same that was used when the Portuguese Army was using the K98k and rechambered 1904 rifles before shipping them off to the colonies?

There were five headstamp styles in the 7.9 x 57 from Portugal.
One example of each is shown below:

FCPQ 1 38
FNM 48
FNM 1 61 (No dash between lot and year)

FCPQ date spread in my collection at the time it was sold:

1 38
1 39 to 2 39
40 to 47

FNM date spread:

48 to 60
1 61 to 8 65
1-66 to 22-73

There were various cartridge types such as ball, dummy, Blank and AP,
with ball being far and away the most common. I had about 130 Portuguese
7.9 x 57 in my collection when It was broken up.

Your information about not likely seeing the any Portuguese rounds of the caliber
after 1974 was an astute observation, although it may be that the last date
was 1973. Either is close enough! Good call. I have never given that a thought
actually! Only one exception that I have aware of, and that was commercial ammunition
of 8 x 57 mm made c. 1999 with the headstamp “FNM 8x57IS TARGET.”

John Moss