Portuguese 8x57mm box date?

Can someone give me a close date on this box. 90’s, 00’s?



The change from the German “8x57JS” to a (perhaps less confusing?) “8x57IS” by CIP took place in 1983. At about the same time the ammunition certification (the rubber stamped cartrige symbol close to the lot number) was made mandatory. Ulm proof house in this case.
The same type of box existed for .308 Winchester.
If I remember correctly, these were sold in Germany in the late eighties/very early nineties for a limited period because the quality left a lot to be desired.

Thank you very much.

Hi Joe and Jochem, INDEP and Transarms announced this cartridge for the first time in 1996, along the .303, 6.5x55, .308 and .223, while other caliber were added later. Interestingly, this particular caliber was loaded using DWM machinery made 1937.

You can find more information in this thread: 6,5x55 Swedish MAuser with headstamp TARGET



Thank you, Fede