Portuguese contract 7.92mm AP-T by DWM


I recently noticed that there are 2 box varieties of Portuguese contract 7.92mm AP-T by DWM. One is labeled Verde - Vermelho, the other is labeled Vermelho. According to Google this is green - red and red respectively. The green-red AP-T was a common loading in the German service during the mid 1930’s but I have never seen a label or documentation for a German 7.9mm AP-T with a red trace. Is this a translation problem or did DWM actually make a red tracer for Portugal?

Unfortunately both boxes are empty so I can’t make any comparisons. Can the rounds from the two boxes be distinguished from each other out of the boxes?


I have a similarly marked Box, of SMK ( no trace etc.) and it is Full of “E37 RWS” headstamped SmK (Red primer seal).
There being No indication of the maker on the Box, could the lot have been made by one of the RWS Plants, and shipped to Portugal in 1937 --the year Portugal (a) Adopted 7,9mm as their standard Calibre (b) Bought their first lot of Modified Mauser Kar98k rifles (M937 § from Mauser; © began conversion of the AE ammo plant to make 7,9mm ammunition by acquisition of new case making machinery ( on the German primer design – two hole Berdan) and (d) saw the ascent of Salazar as the Dictator of Portugal ( and a friend of Adolf Hitler, both Politically and personally)…but savvy enough, like Franco in Spain, to maintain neutrality during WW II.

Would these “Special tracer AP” etc. be also “E37 RWS” marked ???" ( Export 1937??).

BTW, the Metralhadora mentioned are the following (not all inclusive): M13,( Bergmann); Madsen M937 LMG, M30 Solothurn, 7,9 Aircraft Browning (FN), Converted Vickers (from .303) and Breda M937 ( during WW II)… I don’t know if any of the WW I Lewis guns were cvonverted from .303, or just replaced by the Madsens?? I also think that there were somne Early Hotchkiss Guns also converted to 7,9 as well???( orig. 6,5x58 or .303??).
Doc AV


Phil and Doc Av - the contents of these boxes were made by DWM and have the headstamp “K DWM K J” to the best of my knowledge. The cartridges from both boxes can be distinguished by the application of a black primer seal on top of a red primer seal, for the most part obliterating the red. Once out of the box, you cannot distinguish the two colors of trace without shooting the cartridges (or perhaps sectioning - I never did that). Pulling bullets doesn’t help, they are identical to each other visually, including a brilliant green base “plug” (I don’t know how to properly name the part). When I pulled the green one and saw the green color of the plug, I thought that when I did the red one it would be red. It was not - green also.

There is no bullet tip color. Bullet weight should also help in identification.

There is no translation problem by the way. These are APT rounds, one red trace and one red to green trace, intended for machine guns.

I hope this is of some help. It is too bad that California law made it impractical to keep box specimens for prohibited cartridges, even with a license to have them.

John Moss


Thanks John for the information. I have a number of the DWM K J K S.m.K. L’spur rounds and I was hoping there might be a way short of owning a forensic lab to tell the green-red from the red. I didn’t know the red existed until I read the box label.


Here is a picture of the contents.



Thanks for showing the box and the headstamps for the cartridges it contains. Its always nice to have confirmation that the two go together!