Portuguese FNM 8x57 IS TARGET

What is “IS”?

“IS” is the same as “JS” and indicates that the cartridge is the “Infanterie patrone” (Infantry cartridge/case type, meaning in this instance, practically speaking, it is the rimless version, not the rimmed) and the “S” indicates the bullet diameter is correct for the “S” bore, which is .323" rather than the original .318" bore of the Model 1888 Mauser Rifles.

I have an identical cartridge.The bullet is almost identical to the German Ss type.It is a cartridge made with tight tolerances for precision shooting.
FNM also makes other calibers with the same name.For example I have a box of 6,5 x 55 Target ammo

Hi Pivi, does your 6.5x55 packet have a “Made in Portugal” logo ??

I have the info that if it has no such marking then it was made by Prvi Partizan for FNM. I believe both were produced so I would be interested in seeing what the hs was for the contents of the pkt ?

Hi Brad,
yes,it has the “made in Portugal” logo.It is the same box as the 8 x 57 one above,only for the 6,5 x 55 cartridge.
I think that all FNM civilian ammo in military calibers and loaded with FMJ bullets has the “Target” moniker in its hs

I will send you a picture of it later

It is my understanding that FNM no longer makes any ammunition at their former plant, and that even the machinery was sold off. I think one of our Portuguese friends reported this on the Forum some time ago.

Most of their ammo now is made by PPU (Prvi Partizan) in Serbia - some with the PPU headstamp and some with the FNM headstamp, but all boxed in the Portuguese-style boxes and sold under the FNM brand name.

I have only heard of the “TARGET” headstamp in 7.9 x 57mm and 6.5 x 55mm, so it would be very interesting if anyone can picture any other caliber here.

Regarding headstamping - I know that PPU has a policy that they will not produce ammunition with someone else’s headstamp unless the entire order - all costs - are paid up front before production even begins. That is why “WOLF Gold” ammunition has the PPU/nny headstamps, and not “WOLF” on most if not all calibers from that line that are not made in Russia.

I have an FNM .308 Winchester “Target”. with an FMJ bullet.

Full headstamp is: “FNM 85-30 .308 WIN TARGET” There are also some strange overstamps that look like “J” stamped with a letter stamping die. These could be reload marks.