Posible .577 Howdah Pistol - help

I have this cartridge.
I do not have information about him.
I think it’s a .577 Howdah Pistol, but I’m not sure.

In was timeframe was it manufactured?
Was it made in the UK?
There is an identical specimen in

The appended photographs are, I believe, of a .577 Howdah; ‘double barrel,’ cartridge. This differs from the example shown on the Munición site.

I may be wrong………therefore; any comments would be appreciated.


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Hoyem Vol 2 CFR 85 (m) shows a coiled case for a Howdah pistol, and there is an Issue of the IAA where the firearm is pictured. These below are of the type he notes.

Sam3, I don’t know about your example, sorry.

Martin, your example looks to be English. However I’ve not seen a paper covered Boxer coiled case in .577 caliber in other than the shorter .577 Revolver caliber. So it may well be for a Howdah pistol, but I can’t provide a definitive answer. Sorry best I can do is I’d think it is.

Time? Boxer cases were made for a long time mid to late 1860’s up past the turn of the century

Looking further & thinking it might be a cut-down Snider case, the only case I have with that dark brown paper and two base cups is one I think might be Colonial (NZ or Australian) but seems to be unknown and is known in a shot load

And it seems I forgot to post the photos in the earlier post, so here those are.

Thanks SAM3
Thanks for the info.
It was very helpful.
We are getting closer little by little.
I’m almost sure it’s UK.
Probably for a Howdah gun.


Hola Martín,

Gramps Antiques (Ellwood & Isabel Epps) in Canada used to have these same cartridges in their inventory and were described as “.577 Howdah” . I don’t know who made them, but maybe Epps himself or someone in Canada(?)

This is not a “Howdah” cartridge but a variant of the .577 Snider having a short case (1 5/8" or 41 mm). From 1893 catalog:




Hi Fede,
The cartridge case is exactly 41mm.
When I purchased this example, it had Howdah written, in felt-tip-pen, on the side. Therefore; it must have also flummoxed its previous owner.

I’m delighted with the outcome and very grateful for your research.


Thanks Fede!!!
I am very grateful. This seems to be a nice specimen.

Pd: esta vez no use la regla.

Hi Fede,
Apologies for raking up an; ‘old chestnut.’

Some of the earlier confusion (on my part), in the ID for the Eley .577 Snider (1 -5/8"), might have arisen from an item in Eley Cartridges by C.W.Harding. As mentioned earlier, my example had ‘Howdah’ written in felt-tip-pen, on the side, by the previous owner.

The headstamp of my example is listed in; ‘Eley Cartridges,’ as .577 Revolver.
Also, it is mentioned that the .577 Howdah has the same length (1.61" approx. 1 -5/8") as the; ‘Eley Snider,’ you showed, from the 1893 Catalog.

Have only just purchased the book, consequently; it’s a very new viewpoint for me.
I’ve still, not quite, got over the price of the book!

My belief, is that the Catalog entry you provided, is the correct description.

I also have a 2" solid case .577 Snider with a headstamp: Kynoch .577.S

Is it possible that the Eley .577 Snider (1 -5/8") could also have been an ‘option’ for the Howdah?


Somewhere I’ve seen another of your Boxer cased example & it was documented as a Howdah load.

Harding’s books are very good but like all books have mistakes or omissions.
That headstamp on the right does exist on the .577 Revolver.

Regarding the chambering of your very neat 1 5/8"" CL round in a Howdah pistol, why not? 99.999% were made either bespoke or as trade guns by various makers so again, why not? Might well be only a very small number manufactured & have now survived.

As to the headstamp, it’s one I missed in dealing with Ellwood, I have around 19@ Canadian .57 Sniders 1 5/8" & none with that headstamp. So a goodie from my point of view


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