Possible .22” Long Industrial Blank?

Can anybody help me ID this cartridge please? It’s an ICI .22” Long case, but has some form of cap pressed over the mouth, with two ‘ears’ hanging down from the cap, which should prevent it fitting in a conventional firearm’s breech or cylinder. Is it some form of tool cartridge? Thanks, Pete.

For whatever it’s worth, I’ve not seen it’s like before.

A cap on a small object like that, that would have to be removed before use doesn’t make sense to me for tool use. Plus it’s relatively easy to close & waterproof a .22 case mouth.

I know some tractor / engine starters use case mouth-covers for protection. But those are usually 12 bore or bigger in my experience.

Sorry to not be of more help. Do you have any idea of what is in it?



Thanks for your comments, it is a strange one & I’ve had it for a number of years without solving the mystery. I’ll try to get it X-Rayed over the next few days to see if that can throw any light onto the question, & will keep you up to speed with the results,


Is that a firing pin dent in the rim? It looks to me like a fired case that someone has poured full of lead.

There is some form of indent close to the rim. I said previously there is a tight fitting cap crimped over the mouth. This has a symmetrical flap either side. There’s no suggestion of any lead (it’s too light.) .22” isn’t one of my main areas of collecting, but the case appears to be tinned, which is wearing off a little around the edge of the rim, which doesn’t seem to have been too common for ICI cases. I’ll know more hopefully when I get it x-rayed.

Looks like plier or vice marks on the base - repeating square pattern.

Is there much interest in collecting various tool blanks?
I have a few varieties, but not a serious collection…


older photos…but I like tool rounds