Possible airburst mortar fuze

A friend of mine bought this the other day, cant find much info on it. It has been suggested that it might be Carl Gustav or a German post war mortar illum round fuze, can anyone help are these hard to find.


This is a typical time fuze for illum projectiles.
The one here was for the 105mm tank gun rounds if I remember correctly and was made by Junghans.

Does it have a DM number on?

Will digg some documents and see if I can find it.

Ok, found it, this is the DM133 (or related when it has no model designation on).
And as said, it is for the105mm tank gun illum projectile DM16.
Very seldomly encountered by the way. Nice find!

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Thanks EOD for identifying the fuze, quite an unusual fuze, looks a very well thought out bit of engineering. The markings around the body show increments of 500 i assume meters to 2,500 with a fool proof locking latch and raised studs to feel the settings in the dark. I have never seen this type before, is it now discontinued or still current?
I will get you the rest of the markings, it belongs to a friend, wouldn’t mind one myself but if its rarely encountered i may not find another.

Actually the division is somewhat different:
1 pin: 1,000 m
2 pins: 1,500 m
3 pins: 1,900 m
4 pins: 2,200 m

The 105mm tank gun is not in use in Germany for many years so all these are long gone.