Possible cannon ball

I’ve got this item at a garage sale for $2 as a part of my Halloween costume when I take my children to a parade later this month. It is REAL heavy, I think it is lead. Then I pondered at who in his sane mind might make such a ball. And I thought of a cannon ball. So, could it be a cannon ball, maybe a newly made for re-enacting, employed as ball’n’chains? I was told in this forum that there was no such thing as a dumb question. I am trying hard.

Cannon balls are typically made of iron. If it is lead, you should be able to mark the surface with a fingernail.

Try a magnet.

Being that I am a high school Throwers coach and a former thrower myself, I feel fairly confident in identifying that as a typical steel shot for the shot-put event. I made a similar ball&chain device for a friend of mine out of an old shot and I left it on his doorstep the day before he got married… If it is 12lbs, then it is a standard boys weight for high school shot. 16 lbs is college mens, and 8.8lbs (4K) is girls high school weight.

It weighs 26 lbs and is not magnetic, solid lead.

Not a cannon ball. Possibly made for use as part of this theatrical prop, or possibly a weight for some industrial application that someone decided to use for this purpose.

Wow, it didn’t look 26lbs big, I guess lead is dense… Still, save it for a gag gift for the next buddy of yours who gets married.


I’d guess that it’s a commercial fishing weight. Commercial trollers will use weights up to 75 pounds or more and they are commonly called “cannon balls” because that is exactly what they look like.


I think you are right. Look here blueoceantackle.com/lead_fishing_weights.htm
It is just like mine.