Possible G2 RIP Glow Ammo collaboration

On Facebook today, Glow Ammo (known for their cold-tracer stickers) posted a vague message that they would have some “exciting news” coming soon. The post showed a box of G2 R.I.P. ammo, and the assumption I took was that they are doing a collaboration with G2 and will be marketing a G2 RIP tracer some how. This seems like one of those pre-emptive SHOT show teasers and would do well with the sort of crowd that initially gobbled up the RIP ammo creating panic and high auction prices.

I had been wondering about GLOW ammo since their stock of loaded ammo and sticker kits have been terribly low lately, with 9mm out of stock for what seems like a couple years for the most part. To put their Facebook post into perspective, they have done 5 total posts in the past 2 years, so this would seem a serious attempt to re-invigorate their brand. The only issue is that almost everywhere you go online in terms of gun forums, the posts have evolved to be ever more negative as the relative terminal ballistics of the G2 RIP are exposed to be nothing terribly awesome, and therefore not worth the very high price tag. I tend to think that cold tracer / fragmenting SCHP will trump the facts anyway and sell plenty of product.

The post from GLOW ammo this morning:

Is anyone, beyond collectors, actually buying any of that RIP ammo???

Initially there was a great deal of interest, which created a run on the ammo. Now things have settled down though, partly due to legions of Youtube backyard ballisticians (there’s tons of them these days), having done loads of testing and posted videos & findings online and in the forums, etc… The consensus seems to be that the G2 RIP ammo is for “Mall Ninjas”, and is essentially cast into the same boat as RBCD Performance-Plus ammo with regard to what is perceived as disingenuous hype in the marketing. It’s not that the bullets won’t kill people, but they are apparently no more effective in terms of penetration and wound-channel creation than your average semi-jacketed hollow point - if that, not to mention the many Solid Copper Hollow points out there, for much, MUCH cheaper prices. Granted some of the negative reviews are from the ever-present self-defense highbrows who can never stop praising the FBI protocol or bonded .45acp / 10mm, but it’s still hard to argue with the video results now that Ballistics gelatin can seemingly be purchase at the corner store. There are still some vocal defenders of the G2 RIP, but my personal feeling is that these are either G2 shills, or else people who have already shelled out significant money for the ammo and need to subconsciously justify it.

Some of the dispelled things about G2 RIP in the videos are:

Shooting a water-filled balloon in super slow-motion with neatly dispersed fragments, though fun to watch, does not a relevant self-defense load make.

Shooting cinder-blocks and causing them to fragment is nowhere near as difficult as most uninitiated people assume it is.

The penetration of the smaller “trocars” in ballistics gelatin does not represent the analogous penetration ability they would have in a human torso.

“Shootingthebull410” does a good explanation of it here:

Speaking of the G2 RIP, they have just come out with .357sig (for around $57.00 per 20rd box)… naturally it is out of stock most places. G2’s website mentions the 10mm coming out in February.

In any case, I will be an ardent buyer (of one box) if G2 / Glow ammo come out with a joint venture… for the collector aspect.

It fizzled, the “exciting news” was that they are now a retailer for RIP ammo. They, and 50 some odd other online retailers + auctions.

All of this “high cost” Home Defense Ammo, including that made by the major companies is a limited market. People will buy it for Home Defense, whatever that is in each buyers case, but there is little or no long term consumption of this ammo. It is bought and sits on a shelf until the individual finds something he likes better at which time he will shot it or pass it on.

The result is that these companies, to have any long term prospects, must introduce a lower cost load that is both salable in a tight market, and actually shot up and replenished by the shooters. Alternatively they can introduce another, greater, home defense load, which is what most of the big companies seem to be doing, even if it is just a new name and new box art! I have watched DRT go through this same process.

I don’t believe the collectors drive this process, there are too few of us. This process does benefit us collectors though by driving the creation of some exotic items. I suspect that for classic home defense, practically any load, except for blanks, will achieve 80% to 90% of the desired effect-deterring the home invader who is hit by the bullet- and all these exotic loads appeal to the ego of the person who buys them, and I’m probably part of that group since I load the clip for my home defense weapon with a selection of loads to maximize “results” even though I know simple ball loads will work just fine. I rationalize this process by telling myself that I have already bought boxes of these various loads for my collection so I might as well use a selection in my pistols. Sad but true.


I miss the old Nyclad HPs. I wish there was a de-evolution back that way…perfect in-home load.