Possible headstamp on .30 RF?


Would be grateful for help in confirming the following inert RF.

I’m not completely sure if this is a; .30 Short, or Long?

Dimensions are:
Bullet: 0.29"
Case: 0.523"
Rim: 0.350"
Base: 0.296"
OAL: 0.923"

There might be a raised headstamp…and sometimes I think is reads; ‘2.7’

Or, is this an artifact left over from the manufacturing process?

Any help would be much appreciated.




Greetings Sam3,

It appears to be a British 297, thus the “297” headstamp.



Hi Paul,
Many thanks for your reply.

Could I pose a couple of additional questions:

Are there any hints, from the photographs, that this might be an Eley?
Are there any book-literature RF examples showing a 297 headstamp?
Could you hazard a guess for an approximate date?

My book collection is quite thin regarding RF and where there is detail, it often appears to be quite approximate.

Many thanks again for your help…much appreciated.



Hi Sam3,

Sorry I can’t help you much with this. I don’t have any real good references on British rimfires. I always assumed the “297” headstamp was Eley but have no proof.
Here is a “297” headstamped cartridge along side a raised “E” Eley 297.


Maybe one of our British members could provide more details.



Hi Paul,
Have cycled back and forth between the photographs and agree with your deduction.
I had originally assumed that the numbers would all be neatly in line and evenly spaced, but…that might not be how it actually happened.

Many thanks for your help.



What’s up wit the rim on your cartridge?


Hi Guy,
That’s a good question!
The cartridge is exactly as purchased…except for the the sticky label.
I have two inert cartridges of the same calibre. One has no headstamp and the other is, as seen.
Looking closely, again; the base appears to be marked with thin ridges around the underside of the rim.
The effect looks more pronounced on the photograph, than looking through an eyeglass.
To answer your question…I have absolutely no idea.