Possible Hirtenberger-made HORNADY 45 AUTO cases


I blundered into two HORNADY-headstamped 45 AUTO cases with what appeared to be a single dot between the 45 and AUTO. Upon magnification the dots turned out to be diamonds. I’ve seen HORNADY-headstamped cases with a colon between the 45 and AUTO, which like similarly marked SPEER-headstamped cases were made by Starline. Extrapolating from the Hirtenberger-made SPEER cases with a diamond between the 9mm and LUGER, the diamond possibly indicates they were made by Hirtenberger. Is there somebody on the forum that can explain Hornady and Frontier headstamps? I’ve seen the large and small letters varieties of each – does that signify different makers? – and have several Starline-made HORNADY 45 AUTO +P cases which have been blackened. A previous thread said that HORNADY did not produce any +P’s.