Possible Illinois ammo tax

Here’s a link to a recent story about a proposed surtax to be put on ammunition sales in Illinois, followed by my personal
[not IAA] opinions:

It’s no surprise that certain anti-gun politicians would attack ammo sales like this in Illinois, but it amazes me that they think it will actually be effective (unless they know it actually wont be and are just baby-stepping towards more regs & bans). The uniquely absurd “FOID” card which Illinois already has, causes many legal & illegal buyers to purchase ammo out of state and meanwhile does nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining guns illegally as they always have. As usual, the criminals who shoot others will almost never have the required FOID card, and consequently will be buying the ammo illegally, and will not be paying the proposed tax anyway, thus punishing only law-abiding ammo buyers. This tax will just drive more sales out of state and not only stymie the proposed trauma-center tax, but stifle the already existing general sales tax collected from ammunition. That, or people will just get around it legally by reloading more and purchasing components which are not loaded ammo and do not have the tax.

The notion of extra taxes from ammunition sales needing to go to trauma centers as if ammunition is inexorably and disproportionately linked to injuries treated at trauma centers in laughable since the percentage of ammunition used in crimes is relatively microscopic (even for the notorious 9mm) based on overall ammunition sales and as compared to the number of injuries treated from things like riding bicycles, skateboards, playing on playgrounds, contact sports, drinking alcohol, eating shellfish, etc… etc… There are more non-ammunition/gun related criminal injuries treated at trauma centers in fact, with most of them being from bare-hands fights, or sharp & blunt instruments. And if even if the ammo tax were to be taken seriously, why not tax only calibers commonly related to the crimes that cause trauma center visits such as 9mm, .40S&W, .45acp, .38spl, .380, 7.62x39, etc… (When was the last time a gang member was brought into the hospital for being shot with 338 winmag, 30-30, or 20ga?) Why tax any & all ammo that is never related to crime? Why tax all of suburban & rural Illinois for the failings of Chicago where 90% of the gun crime is?

This is probably all a result of crooked political play whereas the state government (run entirely by a certain anti-gun/ammo party) needed to come up with a way to help pay the hospitals in Illinois which they rightly owe billions of dollars to and never pay on time or in full:
The state owes billions because they are on the hook for much of the nonsensical policies these same politicians foisted upon the hospitals, and the various mandates are as usual - unfunded. So they want someone else to pay it. Nice.

These politically-charged ammo related issues come up from time to time, and I only ask that if you reply or add-to, just stay on ammo as it relates to the issue and don’t go on a purely political tear… tempting as it may be.

Taxing ammo, or banning ammo under some supposed justifcation related to “reducing crime” or “helping pay for hospital treatment of gunshot victims” has been on the anti-gun extremists’ agenda for years.

As with all, repeat ALL, gun control schemes, not a single one has actually proven to have any use in reducing crime or gun violence. (A Center for Disease Control study, which desperately hoped to find otherwise. Aks the UK if theya re safer since guns were effectively banned.)

Illinois politics are dominated by Chicago politics, and Chicago politicians, the most corrupt of a pack of scoundrels engaged in that unsavory career. Never be surprised at what they do, or who benefits from it. It is all about the money, not the stated purposes.

Matt correctly points out that this scheme is worthless for crime fighting, and will probably be ineffective raising money. (Most of which would be wasted or scammed off somehow anyway.)

Everyone interested in preserving the right to purchase or possess ammunition needs to be politically involved. Register to vote, and then study the candidates, and show up to vote. Remember, if even the dead can show up to vote in Chicago, the least you can do is vote while you are alive. Make sure your family and friends do too!

Here is a place run by the NRA with some tips and useful links and motivational videos:

I figure that since gun and ammo sales are way up, they just want to cash in on it too. They could care less what the product is as long as they can make money. Did the Same thing with alcohol, Tobacco and…wait for it…wait for it…Firearms!