Possible Japanese used pinfire

Obtained this from Japan, and would welcome any possible identification, and dates.

The round is 26.4mm oa.
Copper case, no headstamp, 15.3mm oa, 11.8mm diameter.
Head 15.5mm oa, 11.2mm diameter.

The Lefaucheux patent 12mm pinfire revolvers seem to have been popular in Japan, but this is the first pinfire round I’ve seen come up for sale in Japan.

I checked my cartridges and I have one that looks the same and is the same dimensions, so is probably the same.

It does not match the looks and dimensions of any of mine with headstamps though. The closest design (when taking into consideration bullet shape, and beveled base, etc) would be one by V. F. M. & Co. It is nearly identical except for a slightly shorter case. But this does not necessarily mean there is any relation between them.

I know absolutely nothing about Japanese production of any cartridges so I could not tell you anything about their possible production of pinfires.

However, here is a Lefaucheux 1854 and cartridges (which are not the same cartridges as yours) that was excavated on a man made island there, Dejima.


Thank you Aaron for the information. I doubt if pinfire revolver cartridges were ever made in Japan, most likely they would have been imported together with the revolvers.

That is an interesting photo of the revolver excavated in Dejima. Dejima was the Dutch Factory (trading centre) in Nagasaki.

This photo shows three Lefaucheux revolvers that were associated with Japan, the lower one, made in 1868, has registration markings for Nagasaki. It was this revolver that had in its’ cylinder the remains of the carbine length case that I previously asked about, viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11961&p=85339#p85339