Possible Kar98k cartridge's

I found these cartridge’s while Metaldetecting. Can anyone tell me from which weapon they are. On the back stands. a 40 a iron cross and “Karlsruhr” I found them (18 in total) in Germany.
Thanks a lot

Could you make a picture from the head stamp?



it is in no way ammo for a K98 Rifle.
It has the old Mauser A-Type Base and the headstamp is PATR,FABR. + KARLSRUHE +

There are no iron crosses and also no date to see…at least not on the one shown in the photo.
If you give Diameter of the rim, the base Diameter and the lenght of the case-relict you show, maybe an identification is possible…
Without this data it can be anything from Reichsrevolver to M71-Rifle ammo-
Also the Diameter of the mouth (inside) is needed…

Is this close?

(8x57R M88A)


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Note that your headstamp lettering is on a flat, and mine is on an angle, so your cartridge is probably a completely different caliber. As Forensic said, dimensions and a profile picture will narrow down the caliber possibilities.

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this is the maximum length the cartridge’s are. It’s about 45mm and the back is flat and has. Diameter of 14mm. Sorry if I’m a little bit of. I’m still a beginner. Thanks a lot for helping

The back of your picture looks just like mine.

Forest, I’m think I’m still a beginner too. Rufus on our forum said, “Man learns all his life and dies…stupid…”!
Anyway, the cartridge I pictured is an 8x57R. Meaning it has an 8mm bullet, a 57mm case length, and a rim. ®. So your case is whatever diameter will fit into the case,(bullet) x 45 (the case length) R (it has a rim, that happens to be 14mm.)
So by the looks of your case, it’s close to 10x45R. Depending on what size bullet will fit. And note that there can be different case shapes, that take the same bullet and are the same length. Depending on how straight the case is, how much it’s tapered, how big the rim is, etc. So your cases are ??x45R. I hope this helps…

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Thanks a lot and do you also have a idea what rifle It could have been

Do you think it’s dangerous if I found some live round from the MG42 and then take them home.

Forest, in Germany you need a permit to handle/own live small arms ammunition.
Picking up live rounds and taking them home would be illegal.
Military cartridges very probably may contain a hardened armour piercing core and/or a tracer. For both, an additional special permit from Bundeskriminalamt is required.

Okay thanks