Possible Maynard cartridge?

I have a casing I cannot identify that has a rim similar to a Maynard type. Non magnetic chrome colored, not yellow like nickle or bluish like other finishes but true chromed looking. Not whitish like silver either.

length is 1.196"
Rim diameter is 0.753
Rim thickness is 0.030
Base diameter is 0.542
Inside depth is 1.090

Thanks for looking, Joe

it is a .50 M-65 Maynard, D.P. Wirth was the guy who made bunters for BELL brass at the start, the chrome plated 30-40 Krag Gatling Mayer cartridges & a lot of the modern headstamped 50-3 1/4" BELL brass new empty cases like ROSE-OTTO, CTGS, John Scott, J.C. TILLINGHAST & a number of other headstamps cases, often in only small runs the as CTG was made as only 20 examples.
Think he collected engines of some kind as a hobby & is now deceased.

Thanks for the ID and information Pete!