Possible projectiles

Recently went metal detecting at an old gun range and found a few small, what I think are projectiles in the backstop, they are roughly 6.5mm wide (I think .24 caliber. And about 12 mm tall.

I’m not entirely sure if they are projectiles or not but they were found at an old gun range near the targets.

They are also not lead, im not sure what metal they are but they are very light
And ideas?

Cheers Hamish

maybe aluminium fillers from .303 british bullets


That would be my guess. I have a couple and will try to remember to measure them.

Cheers guys!
This range has been known for .303 and it is the most common cartridge and projectile I find there, I have found a weird .303 projectile that appears somthing would be inserted into the tip. I will attach a photo.

The projectile I found I do not believe has been fired and I think the neck of the casing has snapped off around the projectile

Cheers for the reply, Hamish.

The photo doesn’t do it justice but the hollow part is about 3-4mm deep

I’d suggest this as a resource: