Possible to ID govt vendor of spent shells?

Greetings and happy 4th.

I’m a USAF veteran, and have a good friend and fellow veteran who is finishing college alongside me in the fall. He is going to be taking a job with one of the companies that manages/supplies the US military with small to large caliber ammo.

I’m looking for a gift for him to celebrate his achievement and our friendship. Considering his future job I potentially have a perfect gift for him. I have 2 sets of three shell casings that were fired from AC-130 gunships in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (Two 105mm casings, two 40mm, and two 25mm casings.) I was wondering if it was possible, using the numbers painted and stamped on those casings, that I can track down the supplier of these?

If they’re from a batch supplied by his future employer it would be kind of a big deal (for reasons left unstated) and would make an excellent gift.

So, are those type of records available to the public? If so, what exactly is needed to track the batch down?

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Please, can you post pictures of the headstamps and markings of these cases?



The basic answer to your question is “YES” it is possible with the lot number–specifically the “letters” that accompany the actual lot–to track down the manufacturer. Of course there are exceptions…
As Fede has pointed out, if you could provide a picture of all of the markings, it would be easy for some of the “experts” on this site, of which Fede is certainly one of the most knowledgeable, to identify the manufacturer.

Congratulations on your college completion and to your friend for finding a job in the ammunition industry.

(USAF 1974-2004)

Here are some pictures https://imgur.com/a/NaHO5Kt

Some rust obscuring the markings of one of the 40mms, I added what it looked like it says below the picture.

Mr. Asa and Taber, and all other veterans - On July 4th, I think it is
appropriate to thank you both, and our other members, for there
service to their countries.

John Moss

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Yes indeed HAPPY 4th to everyone from another USAF member 1962-1966 SAC, B-52 & KC-135 worker-bee NAV.Aids repair.

So thank you, and the families of everyone else who served.

Sorry I can’t help with the case maker’s IDs

keep your powder dry

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Excellent pictures, thanks.

105 mm:
SDP = SNC Technologies Inc., Québec, Canada (refurbished case)

40 mm:
RVP = Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant (operated by Norris Industries, Inc.)

25 mm:
ATJ = Joliet Army Ammunition Plant (operated by Alliant Techsystems, Inc.)
USE = Piper Impact, Inc. (case manufacturer)



I think one of those might be a winner, but I need to look into it some more.


In 2009 Piper was purchased by Worthington Industries: https://worthingtonindustries.com/

Not sure why it only selected Piper, I meant to quote the whole post.